Orange 🍊 Chapter 4

Finished the chapter!

I feel like Naho screaming at Kakeru from the top of the stairs kind of made up for the painful first half of the chapter. :joy:

I think my favorite faces of the chapter were on page 186, after Kakeru says he wants to break up with Ueda because Naho said he shouldn’t go out with her, Kakeru is looking at Naho with this funny little smile and Naho is all embarrassed.

Anyway, I’m glad they talked it out, and the volume ended on a positive note!

I feel like I didn't have a ton of language issues with this volume, but in the last chapter there were a couple times that the narration stumped me.

I’ve bolded the parts I didn’t understand.

This long narration from page 166 to 167:

そんなのはきっと 未来にいるから言える事だ
後から思えば簡単な事 でもその時の自分は精一杯で
もし 翔に声をかけて振り返ってくれなかったら
もし 話を聞いてくれなかったら

My guess … 未来にいるから言える事だ … the thing that was told from the future? As in: surely, that’s the thing (told from the future) that I was supposed to do.

And でもその時の自分は精一杯で … she says here that she was trying her best, but I’m not sure how it connects to the next statements or if it’s kind of a trailing off statement and the next clauses are independent?

Then: 上手くいかない事もあるんだって 私は経験したんだ … I dunno, I’ve lost the thread here. She’s saying she has experience with things not going well? But how it all connects to the previous phrases and creates a coherent thought I don’t get.

Then on page 176:

そう思っていたのに 私がしてほしくない事を翔にもしてしまったんだ

私がしてほしくない事 = things that are not wanted for me to do
を = [particle]
翔にも = Kakeru also
してしまったんだ = did do.

If this phrase were on its own I would think I sort of got it with this break down, but I have no idea how it connects to the previous line.

I didn’t see an あとがき but there is something labeled ごあいさつ, which doesn’t have furigana and looks pretty difficult. I will probably skip it for now, but I would like to read it someday. I’ll definitely read the bonus chapter during the break next week, though!


未来にいるから because you (talking to her older self) are in the future
言える事だ you can say these things
These things, in this case, referring to the previous line: 「あの時ああしていれば」 if I had only done it like that back then…

„“If I had only done it differently back then…“ that’s something you can easily say because you’re in the future.“

後から思えば Thinking back on it
簡単な事 It’s easy
でもその時の自分は but my self in that moment
精一杯で was really doing her best

„Thinking back on things makes everything seem easy (you can easily say „ah why didn’t I do this and that instead?“ when thinking about past actions). But in that moment, I’m doing my best (but it’s still hard, therefore I can’t always easily do the things my future self tells me to do)“

私がしてほしくないこと things I don’t want others (read: Kakeru) to do (to me)
翔にもしてしまったんだ I did to Kakeru

She‘s talking about the
私が翔に声をかけて振り返ってくれなかったら here. She was always worrying about „what if I try to talk to him but he doesn’t respond/doesn’t turn around… but in the end she was the one who ignored him when he tried to talk to her.

What if I try to talk to him but he doesn’t turn around…
そう思っていたのに I was worrying about that the whole time
But in the end I was the one who did the thing that I didn’t want him to do to me weird English

I also wasn’t sure what exactly she was referencing with the 上手くいかないこと, maybe someone else got that :smiley:


That is the あとがき according to the table of contents.

And in general (aka to everyone), at my level of WK (40), I only found 3-5 words that I didn’t know (I think most everything else is on WK or so common that any reading would have made it familiar). Except for all the names of publishers and the names of parks in Matsumoto and such. Those I don’t know how to read, but I recognized they were names of companies and such.

So while it might be a bit too intimidating at level 20—gosh, I remember that time—it was fairly easy/common vocabulary. The second page especially are about Orange, talking about the author being from Matsumoto, so it might be worth trying to read that portion. (Only reading that page also skips all the publisher names and talking about switching publisher.)

It is so weird to suddenly realize that hey, I’m level 40 and I know so many kanji and words by now. O_O

Thanks @Myria for the answers to most of @MaraVos questions (also thanks for asking MaraVos!), because I was also confused by all that introspection.

Part of me also felt that maybe it was a bit confusing because when I’m that deep inside my own head, other people have trouble understanding me, when I try to convey what I’m thinking in those kinda situations. So I thought maybe that was a bit intentional. :sweat_smile:


Amazing! :orange_heart: Thank you! I guess I got parts of it, but I completely missed the fact that she was talking to herself a lot, which obviously makes a huge difference.


Thanks! I will try that!

Congrats on level 40!! Sadly, I lost my WK motivation and ended up turning on vacation mode. Well, on the other hand, I turned on vacation mode so that I could read Orange while drinking my first coffee of the day, instead of doing flashcards. :smirk::tangerine: :coffee: And I bet once I start reading more things without furigana there’s a good chance the motivation will come back.

Language learning: always keeping us on our toes!


Sometimes we need to focus on other parts of a language to keep our motivation up. I’m starting to feel like I have a few too many daily reviews (enlightened reviews every day with all the others), so I’m planing to rest from lessons soon. (Probably when I hit level 42, because 42!)

And pausing WK to read Orange :tangerine: seems an excellent choice to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :blush:

Same, and I just finished that chapter today!

Super cute! It was really nice to finish off the volume with something light and cute and funny. I feel like I’m going to really look forward to those chapters at the end of each volume from now on. Especially during the crying scenes. :joy: