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Chapter thoughts

Last chapter before the last volume (of the main story). The relay went great, so what happens now?

Very much a transition chapter, huh? Talking about Christmas Eve which is a romantic holiday in Japan, no idea how that happened, but there you go.

And then new years.

We learn that Suwa confessed back then in the original timeline! Say what?! That conversation in the car felt so awkward. Can you imagine being Naho in the back there, listening to your friends talking about your romantic interests in high school? Yikes.

And I’m so glad Naho could say that to Suwa, that she didn’t choose him as a pity prize. :heartpulse:

Taka-chan finally laying down the smackdown on Suwa. I’ve been waiting for this moment! She wrote down stuff from that car conversation in her letter, obviously! Or did she overhear it in real time? I’d have to go back over the pages to see if we see her expression to see if that is already answered.

Suwa… The hero we don’t deserve. I kinda like his reasoning. Like, he has that future with Naho, it can’t be taken from him. It exists out there, just because this Suwa doesn’t get to experience it doesn’t makes it any less real. And if he had to choose between Kakeru’s life and his potential future marriage, he chooses his friend’s life.

I don’t think it is that black and white. Until Kakeru gets out of his depression/suicide thoughts, sure. But after that, I hope they don’t think Kakeru’s continued existence depends on Naho and him having their almost-relationship or an actual relationship for the rest of their lives. Probably not thinking that far ahead. Hard to anticipate, no?

Then the reveal at the end, which I saved until now too. Suwa has pictures from the future?!?!?! Also we got (more) narrative from Suwa’s perspective. I think we got a bit of that before, his thoughts/narrative, but here we had some more, to get the reveal of him actually having pictures of their future selves.

The last volume comes next. What is about to happen there? Will Suwa really stay away from new years? Will the Christmas eve date go well? Will Naho and Kakeru still fight on new years?

We’re running out of time to save Kakeru. Have enough been done? :grimacing:

Honestly this story has turned out better than I could have thought it would. And I had pretty high expectations. Thankfully it doesn’t make me cry as much as the first volume did. Phew. I was a bit scared for a while.

Chapter comments

I really don’t like this characterization of Suwa. I know they talked a lot about their regrets regarding the Kakeru situation, but just having your highschool self shoulder them by sending them a letter of how it all turned out seems weird.
What mostly bothers me is this feeling that Naho HAS to go out with Kakeru to save him, whereas maybe a supportive friend group is all he needs. It feels like all the characters are putting their own feelings second to Kakeru’s and I don’t think it’s realistic at all (especially in Suwa’s place).
Let’s see how the last main volume unfolds but if it all goes smoothly and they just save Kakeru I’ll be a bit dissapointed, I’m hoping for them saving him but there’s some sort of twist, maybe something like Kakeru also getting a letter, maybe from a different timeline where he survives? I don’t think the story is taking us there but it could be fun

Looking forward to the next chapters!


I love Kakeru and Naho’s interactions in this chapter! Like, the teasing about pictures and look at them just casually sharing pocky!

And then they just casually make a date

(But, um, why is Hagita spitting?)

second to last page

This is the only part I didn’t get. Maybe I will be able to figure it out in the morning …?

Great chapter, really interesting look into Suwa’s story… I want two things to happen. 1. Suwa is all self-sacrificing like this and they save Kakeru and then in the end Suwa and Naho still end up together. 2. Kakeru and Naho end up together, cause aww they’re just so cute together. Third option, Naho gets them both???

But if you think about it, Naho definitely has a deeper and more complex bond with Suwa, and her bond with Kakeru has a lot of weirdness to it due to the fact that she feels literally responsible for his life. And future-Naho said she still would have married Suwa. So I really hope she and Kakeru have a great romance and then break up, but in a friendly way and Kakeru stays alive and is very happy for Naho and Suwa.

(I think I’m very sleepy right now.)