Orange 🍊 須和弘人 #2 (Chapter 25)

須和弘人 #2 (“Chapter 25”)

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Suwa, you keep breaking my heart. :sob:

It is so nice getting these details. It becomes so clear why Suwa acted very different in the saved Kakeru time line. I wonder how much future Suwa wrote about these things in his letter, but I have a feeling he shared a lot more than any of the others. He’s such a good person that he blames himself for a long of things, and while he feels like he used Kakeru to make Naho happy when they started hanging out again, it isn’t the only way to look at that situation in my opinion. But he seems to feel like his motives haven’t always been the best, that he’s thought more of himself than Naho (and Kakeru). But yeah, he breaks my heart.

Reenactment of Suwa reading the letter from his future self.


Another chapter of Suwa being so brutally rejected it hurts. I can’t take it much longer, hopefully someone appreciates the boy next chapter. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of endearing seeing how devoted Naho is to Kakeru even in this timeline but… she needs to move on, this isn’t healthy for anyone. I mean in theory she does… would not want to be told now that that happy family was a lie this whole time :hocho: