Orange 🍊 未来 (Chapter 23)

未来 (“Chapter 23”)

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So nice to get back to Orange. :blush: Even if it took almost half the chapter to get back into the writing style again.

Chapter talk, aka spoilers

There we go. Now we got Suwa’s side. The one person of the main main characters (Naho, Kakeru, Suwa) that I felt I didn’t understand at all.

What was his deep down motivation for forgoing his own very deep crush, to help Kakeru and Naho get together. And the answer wasn’t just that he thought it would help Kakeru, but that he felt he’d taken advantage of Kakeru’s death, the grief that cause for Naho to get her to marry him. That is the kinda deeply critical way we have a tendency to look at ourselves with, isn’t it?

Questioning our own motives and reasons for doing something until they no longer resemble reality at all, because we know our own thoughts, every last one of them, especially all the nasty ones, and the involuntary ones we don’t agree with but still pop up.

So Suwa could step back, because one of his biggest regrets was feeling like he forced Naho into marrying him, even if the rest of us couldn’t possibly see him doing that, and as his friends tell him, he wouldn’t have done, not for those reasons. He is a good person. But like any good person he doubts himself and his motives and when he got the future he had hoped for with Naho, he started wondering if he’d done it all in service of that. “I got my happy ending, I couldn’t possibly deserve it.”

This, much more than the end of the previous chapter, makes the story feel complete to me. We get glimpses into the future of the save Kakeru crowd (they actually meet up regularly!), and we get Suwa’s side.

I feel like now I can fully accept Suwa’s nice guy personality, because it feels believable now. Before it felt like he sacrificed so much that his continued persistence and unwavering will seemed implausible. He was also only a teenager. But not only did he feel jealous (which we’ve seen glimpses of before). We had all the stuff I already said above.

This chapter had me crying again, all over the place. Kinda bittersweet tears and happy tears depending on if it was more present crew or future crew.

The only thing I feel maybe unclear on in the chapter: Haru (the child) of the present/Kakeru-alive crew, it is Kakeru and Naho’s, right? But he seems to love his “uncle” Suwa.

That is how I understood it, so I hope I got that right.

And Suwa really did joke that if Haru was a girl, he’d marry him, didn’t he? xD

Now, I feel like the field is open. Will we get to know more about the lives of the adult versions of either crew (future/present)? Also, kinda funny to me that this was a Suwa chapter, fully from his point of view, and now we’ll get 3 more. :joy:

I wonder what they will add, because we got his overall story/motivation for the first 5 volumes. Will it build on that? Will it show more of his life to make use understand him even better?

Whatever it is, I am here for it.

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Funneh Naho expression

Naho’s expression is amazing

Yeah, I do feel like I understand Suwa more now and his motivations


Ahhh, I missed the characters after such a long time. I was surprised at how quickly I remembered about everyone. This was a very emotional chapter (but aren’t they all in this manga?), I’ve always felt for Suwa because he is such a great friend and I think in the original future Naho is very happy with him but now in this other timeline he has to somewhat sacrifice his happy ending for the good of everyone. I kinda hope they can send a letter back to the future so the original Suwa stops thinking that he ‘stole’ Naho because that’s really not it. I have no idea what to expect from the next chapters either, but I’d be nice if Suwa got an alternative happy ending as well.