1 year with WaniKani

Three days ago I celebrated my first anniversary with WaniKani. We really feel like a couple now. We “text” all the time, WaniKani gets me both motivated and incredibly frustrated at times … In the end I hope we will stay together for a long time…

I’ve broke the 1000-burned barrier basically the same day and I opened up level 20 this morning. I’m not sure what my exact goals were (if I had any) when I signed up but I’m satisfied with my achievements so far.

I think for me WaniKani has done two major things:

  • I have learnt a lot of kanji/vocab - of course I don’t remember every single “burned” item but still I’ve learnt a lot!
  • I’ve done my reviews every single day for a year. I’ve never achieved that with any topic ever.

I still think it sometimes makes me spend less time on other important aspects of my Japanese learning. It’s so much easier to do this than writing my own sentences or reading texts in Japanese. I’ve tried to do little bit less of this and more in terms of speaking/listening/reading etc but that takes more discipline …

I still don’t know if I will go all the way up to 60 but I will definitely continue doing this the next few months. Beyond 5-6 months who knows


Huge congrats!!! This is definitely an impressive accomplishment; doing something daily for a year is something to celebrate. :tada::tada:


My WaniKani anniversary is tomorrow! I’m happy that I’ve maintained my studies, and I’m looking forward to getting better every day! Let’s keep going!



Congratulations! Here are some other clappers I enlisted to join in the celebrations.


Level 32 in 1 year- well done!

Wow, really? That’s amazing! WaniKani Heatmap must be quite proud!

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