One year on WaniKani! πŸŽ‰

Pointless post sharing that I’ve been on WK for one whole year! Yay!

Even though I reached level 20 I recently reset back down to level 15 since I was struggling to remember any of the content of levels 16+ :pensive:

But I have managed to burn 700 items which I’m pretty proud of!

So what has everyone else achieved recently on WK? :smile:


Oh, hey, we joined on the same day.


I reset completely so this current run is just over a year now… but this is my progress :sob:

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Also one year here. Kind of depressing seeing Leebo’s leveling progress. But it’s all good, I’m still making steady progress.


I joined July 6 last year so you’re β€œbeating” me by just a little bit.

Also when you hit ~40 I think you can start leveling up in 4 days because there isn’t enough kanji locked behind radicals to stop you from leveling up

But yeah, hooray to one year!

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Congratulations :tada:

I joined one year and one day ago lol. My progression is super unsteady, some levels took me 10 days while others took me 30.

Anyway, good luck wiith the coming year!


Don’t mind. Leebo is playing on hardcore mode.

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