First WK anniversary!

Apparently it’s a year ago today that I, a couple of months into my first Japanese course, decided to give WaniKani a try (being a language and writing system nerd). And here I am, level 22, having just finished a pretty bad review session after a long and exhausting day, and still happy with choosing to be here.

I’ve reset once, from level 16 or so to level 10, when I realised I remembered nothing of the past few levels and needed to get back on track. I have a messy life and a bad brain, so I’ll never be the kind of person who sets alarms to do reviews, but that’s fine by me. It’s not a race after all.

Favourite kanji combo/vocab so far: 無茶 (むちゃ), just because “no tea = absurd” is the best sentiment.
Least favourite kanji combo/vocab so far: anything that means “condition” or “case” or “preparation” (hey there leeches). Oh, and 勝手.

Anyway, I just kind of wanted to mark the occasion. Right now, WK is my main way of keeping my Japanese learning going until things calm down for me a bit, and it’s become important to me.


(Edit: oooh, maybe this is the time to buy some merch)


Congratulations on a year of wanikani ! A year of anything shows great commitment!

And I just missed the burn review for 勝手 a few days ago :frowning:


Well done for sticking with it, good to know others are stumbling along at the same pace as I am! 無茶 became my favourite word the moment I saw it, I think that’ll be one of very few I don’t forget.

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It’s almost been a year for me, too :slight_smile:

Yes! Those are all terrible!

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