Want to start a One Piece Book club! I need help

I have really been interested in starting one piece for a very long time and I find that now is the perfect time for me. I see that there was a very old thread that I posted on which was active around 3 years ago. Seems like they only got to chapter 3. Im new to this forum and im curious how hard is it to start up a club and how would I gauge interest. Would love some veteran help if possible.


While I have no idea how to go about starting a bookclub, I am interested in joining. You could start by making polls asking things like who is interested, a start date, how fast everyone wants to go, etc…

Other things to consider:
Make a separate thread for each volume
Make a vocabulary and grammar list
Include some links on where to buy volumes, or websites to read it


Considering One Piece just hit volume 107, I do wonder in this instance if we could get away with a separate thread for every ten volumes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I finished the whole volume. Didn’t read past it, though.


Since there is already a One Piece book club thread in existence, I might suggest @-mentioning the original creator in the home thread to see if they’d rather you take over and pick up where they left off, or be okay with you creating an entirely new club from scratch. Sometimes forum users have emails turned on, so even if the op isn’t active anymore they might get an email notification and come back to answer. If they don’t reply after a week or so, I would think a new club might be okay to start?

For making a book club, check out the holy grail thread on how to do it: Tips for Running a WaniKani Book Club

And it doesn’t hurt to browse some of the other clubs for inspiration :slight_smile: Master List of Book Clubs

EDIT: Looks like you’ve already tagged them! Now all that’s left is to wait ^–^

I also noticed that they were making one thread per chapter (?) which could become a bit excessive very quickly. If you want to group volumes together, I decided to group my threads by arc for the NARUTO book club which you’re welcome to consider doing as well (shameless self-promo ahaha)


I am interested in joining as well!! I would like to help but I’m new to this as well


Hi, i am intrested as well