One more month (it kinda looks like one of those level 60 posts stuff but from a struggling WaniKani-er)

Hi there! My second month of subscription ends tonight…

or so I thought. This post was going to be a think-back moment. But then I realized that it was just the subscription renewal tonight! Hahaha! “I’ll lose access to anything above level 3 on September 17, 2020.” phew.

I was kind of downed on my second round because it feels like I exerted less effort, and in turn I wasted a bit of time for the first part of this round. For comparison, I finished level 4 to 6 in the first round, but am short of level 8 for the second round (starting from 7). I consider breaking away from WaniKani for a while but there is a sense of doubt towards myself. Perhaps, if I stop WaniKani, I might break away from learning Japanese, since I have a hard time handling other resources aside from WaniKani. But I don’t want this to be a burden on my aunt when I am not going to use this well. I have also only been using single-month subscriptions with credit card re-entry every time so that I don’t end up irresponsible for, say, 90 dollars.

The real cut-off on September is like purgatory for me. A chance to do myself better. But afterwards, when the real cut-off comes on that time, what’s gonna happen to me? Anything me starting online classes recently should know? Is it worth breaking for a while or not? Also, though it’s probably obvious to me already, I want someone else to personally tell me how to balance or juggle this with my online classes (FYI I wake up around 六午前 for my classes). Maybe a few motivational words? Hahaha!

In this last (for now) month, I will aim to- no, rather, I WILL break the [快] subcategory (so at the very worst, <2 weeks a level). I want to be better than my first-half-second-round version (maybe squeeze in a bit of level 11? hopefully :wink:) . With the risk of sounding insensitive, I ask for a few words that will assure me that I can beat these goals. お願いします。

Maybe just take a pause by letting your subscription expire (you won’t lose your account progress) and maybe transition instead into just learning grammar and getting into immersion via reading? That may help sort of rekindle your passion and get over the burnout and then you can come back to WK when you’re a bit further along with that? Sometimes just refocusing your studies for a bit and doing something you might find more interesting over what feels like a slog will help re-motivate you to come back with a fresher mindset.


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