I'm done! Finished! ここが終わりです!

It’s been a very, very long journey, but here we are. I (seriously) started WaniKani mid-December of 2015. I did it every single day for about a year and a half, and then ended up taking a 2 month break for my A Level (school leaving) exams in mid 2017, and another 3 month break at the end of August to deal with starting university. But finally, roughly 2 years after I got going, I’m finished with the curriculum on this site.

So, what next?

Well, I’m going to stick around for another month or two to guru everything - I’m looking forward to days of only about 50 reviews after a couple of weeks! After that, it’s to memrise to start prepping for the N2. I’ve got an interview on Saturday with a summer teach-abroad scheme (if anyone can give me some advice on lesson plans, I’d appreciate it!!), and hopefully that means I can finally visit Japan.

And then? Who knows, really! I’m going to start learning Hindi alongside Japanese, so I can have a language I can actually talk to my family in, and I know I want to keep on improving my Japanese. I guess there’s a lot of reading and TV watching in my future!

I’m so thankful to WK and the community here, though. You’re all really fab people, and this site has redefined the way I learn Japanese - I couldn’t be more grateful! <3

All Hail the Mighty Crabigator,
roarchika xx


Welcome to the club! It never ends, though. :smiley:

I would personally suggest to keep going until you at least Enlighten everything once, but you do you. You’ve got a great base to work on N2, and visiting Japan should also prove useful.

Good luck!

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Thank you! I think I’d definitely like to Enlighten everything, but it’ll depend on my funding - I’ve switched to the monthly payment schedule and life as a uni student is expensive! I’m hoping to do some work over Easter to fund my Japanese-learning habits, though, so hopefully I can continue for the few months it’ll take to enlighten it all :smile: I want to reach ultimate enlightenment, damn it!!

Wow! Congratulations!
I’ll also do my best to reach level 60! :star_struck:


You can do it! Just keep on keeping on, and the levels will fly by before you know it!

One tip, though - don’t let the reviews pile up! You’ll regret it :cold_sweat:

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How’ve you found balancing uni and Wanikani? I’m having a little difficulty having uni work, grammar and Wanikani to study

I schedule my comfort room breaks based on the review timeline. :rofl:

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Legit awful, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I took a break for the entirety of last term, came back for Christmas (~6weeks), and then was on level 60 anyway so just learnt 10 words/day. My degree has been suffering a tiny bit, but not awfully thanks to being so far in - it’s got nothing to do with Japanese, so I can’t even pretend that WK is relevant work!!

I think the most important thing is just being super super on point with your time management, tbh, and to schedule ~1 hr in the morning and ~1hr in the evening to get your WK done.

I feel inspired.

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