75% done with WaniKani, I'M GONNA DO THIS

Level 45, 3/4 of the way to 60 I really feel like I’m almost done. 1 year and 5 months on here, can’t believe I’ve stuck with it.

This post is just me congratulating myself, carry on.


Same, go us!


Well, time-wise you’re way above 75%



Don’t forget that you’ll need an extra year or so to burn everything


RIP Hope.

but true.


Are you going to burn everything? I was thinking of continuing WK 1 month past level 60 (I’m going 6 days per level pace so I wont be overrun with lessons or have many left over) and then quit my subscription and focus on other stuff :thinking:

I’ll be finishing my 2nd year of WK yes. Hopefully, I’ll have everything burned by then (currently burning 500 items/20 days, putting me ahead of schedule).

If you’re hurting your learning on other aspects of the language because of WK, then yeah… moving on to something else is a good option. Make sure to create the habit of studying those other things before you leave WK though. You don’t wanna get into the trap of leaving WK and then finding yourself procrastinating on the stuff you said you were going to do (I experienced this many times). Now I only allow myself to move on when the new habit is established.

If you can do both, then great. That’s what I’m doing :v:


Thing is my yearly subscription is running out this month so I’m not sure if I should renew or go monthly :thinking:

Technically I only need like 3-4 months for level 60 and then 1 month for casual reviewing, so I should switch to monthly shouldnt i?


Good Point, WK is the only thing I can consistently do lol (a little bit of anki on the side)

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starts to look at JP :eyes:

Ah, okay, you already said it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hum… So you either pay for 1 year ($89) or 5 months ($45)?

  • Renew for 1 year, spend extra $44, but you’re safe for 7 extra months (compared to monthly for 5m). You can access WK for longer and you’re able to make sure that you’re maintaning all the knowledge that you got from it.
  • Renew monthly, save $44, and view this deadline as a challenge to move on to other tools/ways of study.

Now that I think about it, even if you go monthly for 1 year (instead of yearly), you’ll pay an extra $18 vs yearly. This is worst case scenario for choosing monthly. Worst case scenario for yearly is you spending an extra $44 dollars (using WK for only 5 extra months). So yeah, I’d go for monthly tbh. If monthly ends up being the wrong choice, what happens is you paying extra $18 throughout a freaking year (or $1.5/month). Way better than spending an extra $80 right on day 1 (extra $44 total) :slight_smile:

I’m even reading/watching stuff in Japanese every day now. Not to mention that I’m almost back to waking up at 6am. I’ll get my driving licence in February as well (according to the plan). I’m starting to get into the rhythm. Give me 100 days and I’ll come back as a monster :3 :heart:


My WK subscription lasted more than a year and I still did it monthly, even knowing I would end up paying more that way. It hurts my heart way less to pay a little at a time than to suddenly dump nearly a hundred dollars into it. And in the end, as @jprspereira said, you pay just $1.5 per month with the added bonus that you can quit anytime with (at most) 9 wasted dollars.

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Of course :grin:

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