One deck or multiple decks when mining sentences

currently I’m in the process of creating a dragon maid sentence deck by using Subs2kitsun and I was wondering if it would be more efficient to have decks per series or just dump it all into one huge deck.

When I’m done with dragon maid I thought about doing a deck for one punch man and I think it would be kinda stressful to have multiple decks to review. that’s just my opinion though.


I always do separate decks. I like to be able to refer back to a specific deck to a specific source of the kanji/vocab/sentences.


If multiple decks sounds stressful to you, you could consider just adding corresponding tags to all cards that you put into a big sentence mining deck?

So all cards from dragon maid would get a “dragon maid” (and perhaps “episode X”) tag, and all cards from “one-punch man” would also get corresponding tags.

This would allow for easy searching and filtering when needed :slight_smile:

That said, I personally think the new home overview does a good job at showing your active decks and such.

Perhaps it is a matter of just trying to find out what you prefer? Transfering cards from one deck to another will probably be implemented soon, so you can always decide to switch later on :slight_smile:


yeah that’s what I thought too but I feel like I’ll start the next series sooner than I have all my items mastered. so in the end I’m gonna have multiple sentence mining decks that I have to review and coordinate instead of one.

don’t know if I make sense :sweat_smile:

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yeah sounds good. I’ll try that.

I also think the home overview is ordered nicely. I guess I just want to stick to a few active decks, even if they tend to be big ( that way I don’t feel overwhelmded)

oh I see nice!! I’m exited for it. thanks for your advice ^^

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