How do you incorporate sentences?

I’m just starting to add sentences to my Anki deck and was hoping for a bit of feedback on my method. I only use sentences that are ‘+1’ however, if for example I find the sentence “”人生、やり直したい”と思ったことがありませんか?”(-ReLIFE) and don’t know the verb やり直す… Should I be adding やり直す to my deck, study it, then add the sentence, or add them at the same time? Perhaps don’t add やり直す at all and learn it from the sentence?

Is it counterproductive to put that sentence on other cards. When I find new sentences I break them apart into the words and put that sentence on the ‘answer’ side of those cards. For example, I’d put “”人生、やり直したい”と思ったことがありませんか?” on the opposite side of cards 人生、やり直す so I can see how they may be used every time I review them. Will that interfere with the sentence SRS or just aid my understanding of the sentence?

Furthermore, how do you guys mark yourself on your sentence cards? I personally break them apart and explain the links in the sentence to myself and mark them depending on how well I could get to the meaning. How do you guys do it?

Thanks a bunch! :grin:

Someone asked a similar question yesterday, so maybe this will help? Maybe not since you already mentioned the “+1” concept.

I often add sentences with two words I don’t know, if they’re straightforward enough. When you have thousands of cards, you start to appreciate those that can teach you two things.

+1 is just a concept to help you avoid material above your level, it’s not an absolute truth. If a sentence seems approachable to you, just add it.

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I saw this, but thank you

So you replace your individual vocabulary cards with sentences? So rather than / you have / so you can see what each word means specifically?

If that makes sense…

Yeah, I just do sentence cards instead of vocab cards.

The front has the sentence in kanji. The back has the sentence with furigana and necessary definitions or explanations (usually in English, but not a whole sentence translation) on the back. To mark it correct, I need to know both the reading and what it all means.

I have been doing this for a long time, and I have found it works okay for vocabulary and for understanding grammar, but not for grammar production (for example I’ll learn what somethingよかった means but not what conjugation the something is supposed to have if I try to produce it myself.) So I’m now adding grammar cloze cards etc. in moderation, but I’m still figuring out exactly what those should be. I’m still trying to go with sentences for everything unless I know that I don’t learn something that way.

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Thank you! I think I might do what you’re doing with the definitions on the back for words that are new to me. I study grammar separately, maybe that could be helpful to you? :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes I would like to know what your grammar cards look like.

My grammar cards aren’t that detailed:

I learn grammar from Genki currently so I make summaries and hang them on my wall:

Grammar cards aren’t really my priority so there’s very few, with little detail but the posters work. I also do the activities in Genki.

Hopefully this helps!

(don’t mind the stars :sweat_smile:)

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