On the forum can we see what level someone was when they commented in addition to their current level?

As I search topics and read the discussion, it can be confusing to see the level 60 talking about vocab he didn’t know during the endevor at the time (in some cases over a year ago.) Further down the thread I can see that they were not yet level 20 and have since completed the rest of wanikani. Knowing what level they were at the time of commenting is helpful to gaining insight for comparing my progress to where others felt comfortable doing some things (like a specific book or game.)


We can’t, but that person can if they use a script (which would tell them what level they were at that date).

It’s something I’ve wanted to know from time to time, too, also to get a sense of perspective.

No idea what sort of metadata storage the team has to work with in the forums, though, so it might be very difficult for technical reasons, even if it seems really simple.

I’d really like to have that feature if it’s possible

@galg Does a script like that exist?

On an individual basis, people could start adding their current level to posts where it is relevant. As I’ve done here (though of course in this context it isn’t relevant).

@ level 51

I usually state my level if it’s relevant as well. One problem with making a script is that it couldn’t take resets into account.

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