Told I'm level 6 when I feel like level 5

Maybe this happens to you. Right now, the Wanikani dashboard is disconnected from reality, and sending me a somewhat demoralizing message.

You are level 6!


Hey! Here’s your progress on the level 6 radicals, and kanji!

Looking at this snippet of the WK stats site tells a different story:

Take a look at this fragment of my WK stats - it says: Hey! You’re on level 5, and 20% of the way through the vocab!

So… clearly what I’m building up to here is … :wink:

What if there was a user script to modify reality on the Dashboard to make it look like I hadn’t yet moved on to level 6, and showed me at level 5 with this kind of dashboard info (I mocked this up - it’s not code that works):

How many folks reading this would want to install such a script?!

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Vocabs don’t contribute to leveling up.

Hmm. Perhaps the dashboard could let me choose when the moment is when I’m level 6?

Do you mean you want to decide yourself whether you’re ready to level up or not?

I’m afraid nobody can write a script for that. It’s WK’s inner level-up mechanism that has to be modified by Viet.

the point is not the number of the level , the point is : remembering the kanjis and vocabulary !
As long as you progress and learn , the number of the level should not really matter


Have you seen this script? Not what you’re looking for, but it does show vocab progression


Just thinking out loud:

One problem that such a script will likely run into is people who use Reorder and leave their vocab several levels behind. I’m not sure how you would classify level in that case. Hopefully, there aren’t very many people in that category, but I’ve encountered a few while coding the Stats site. I sometimes have to make assumptions about when someone leveled up by looking at vocab unlock dates, and the algorithm can fail when people don’t keep up with vocab.

Honestly, I don’t get the problem. On your first day it already said you are level 1 although you knew jack. The level doesn’t mean “you know all level x content” but “you have access to level x content now”. You have to change you viewpoint :wink:


Well then people who leave their vocabs several level behind should just not install this hypothetical script that hides their true level. Problem solved.

I think what I want to shoot for is adding a Vocab Progress element either for the previous level. I’ve installed [Userscript] Vocabulary for Dashboard Panel 1.1.5. It’s good. I want the progress bar too, perhaps also with gradients of color so that I can get a better overview of the progress prior to guru.

I have a script that does 80% of what I want: (it doesn’t do the list of vocab yet)


^^^ Nice… I like the way you used shades for the various apprentice levels.

I really do like the sense of progress I get. Compare without this script:

to with the script:

Going even further, this script helped me get motivated about clearing all my level 5 vocab.

When are you going to release this to us? :slight_smile:


Muahaha! Never! Muahahaha!

I intend to test it for a while longer, and maybe tweak the colors a bit. Ehehe. Well, the whole story is…

The script is also using a shared dependency with other scripts I’m writing. Tampermonkey’s cache invalidation of shared dependencies is pretty bad. So I want to get the code that’s in the shared dependency nailed down before I publish it (and then am effectively unable to change the shared dependency script easily).


No worries, we definitely can wait :wink: Thanks for all the hard work you’ve been putting into building this! :slight_smile:

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Just @require a specific version of the shared script, so you don’t have to worry about cache. I’ve done that on my Forum Lessons/Reviews Count script, and it works well.

Of course, that doesn’t cover the case where only the shared script needs updating. In that case, you have to update the @require in any calling scripts. But hopefully that’s a less common case.

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