📚 omk3's visual reading calendar

With 5 (!) book clubs coming up soon, and 6 books I’m supposedly reading at the moment (some actively, some not), I’d better get organized…

Currently Reading:

More or less on hold:

  • かにみそ - at 15%, this can count as barely started. I’ll probably leave for a later time.

  • 山の霊異記 幻惑の尾根 - At 50%, I’ve been reading this on and off since last year. It’s short stories, so it’s fine to leave for long and revisit later, but I need to finish it at some point.

  • 糞尿譚 At 30%, haven’t touched it since last year. I really want to finish it, but it’s not an easy read, so I keep putting it off. Now is not the time to get back to it.

Coming up:

It’s obvious I need to start wrapping up at least some of the books I’m currently reading or it will be chaos.

Immediate goals:

  • Catch up with あん and finish ahead of the club (should be doable) :white_check_mark:

  • Keep up with マリアビートル, or ideally finish ahead of the club. (first is doable, not sure about second. But in October I’m almost certain to fall behind again, as it’s not the kind of book I want to be reading in October - it’s spooky time) :white_check_mark:

  • きつねのはなし: This one, I’m no sure what to do about. I definitely don’t want to leave it on hold, and it’s a good read for October, but will I have the time? Experience with it has taught me that it’s not a quick read for some reason (not difficulty, probably the leisurely atmosphere?), so I think I should just aim to read it whenever I have some free time from all the rest.

  • Make my peace with leaving some books aside for now. かにみそ and 糞尿譚 can wait their turn, whenever that may be.

  • I’m not happy with leaving 山の霊異記 幻惑の尾根 on hold indefinitely though. I’m halfway through, after all. And it’s spooky stories, a good fit for October. Maybe alternate between this and きつねのはなし whenever there’s time, with a general aim of finishing within the year if possible. :white_check_mark: