Keeping track of your readings


Hi everyone.

So far I’ve slowed down on WK and give myself time to actually enjoy the kanji and overall all results from my last eleven months with japanese language.
Reading has become a reacquired pleasure, and I found myself with lots of stories that are filling my leisure afternoons.

Anyway, I’ve been using this site to keep track of my readings, and get some recommendations as well. It’s a nice way to don’t lose track and overal keep yourself in the habit of reading.

@Asterlea provided with some translations in case you’re wondering how to use the website’s features

本を登録する - Register/record book
本棚 - Bookshelf
読んだ本 - Read books
読んでる本 - Currently reading books
積読本 - Books bought but not read :books:
読みたい本 - Want-to-read books
~に登録 - Add to ~
~から解除 - Remove from ~
この本についてつぶやく - Tweet about this book

And @Saruko went on board too and created a community to comment on books:

ワニカニの友だち コミュニティ - 読書メーター

The battle against laziness
Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content

So it’s Goodreads for Japanese?


How easy is it to use and navigate around, given that it’s all in Japanese? I love tracking anything I can get my hands on, but I can imagine struggling to keep at it if navigating the website is a chore.


That was my first though too!

It might be neat to play around with for Japanese practice though, and I was just adding the first ARIA完全版 volume to my goodreads and noticed that they didn’t have all volumes of it there, so it’s possible that it might be more useful than goodreads if you’re going to be reading a lot of Japanese only books.


(Reading Meter registration is complete!)

I decided to go for it, but I have to admit, I did not read the terms of services too closely. :sweat_smile:

Here are some terms that might be helpful if anyone else wants to dive in with me:

本を登録する - Register/record book
本棚 - Bookshelf
読んだ本 - Read books
読んでる本 - Currently reading books
積読本 - Books bought but not read :books:
読みたい本 - Want-to-read books
~に登録 - Add to ~
~から解除 - Remove from ~
この本についてつぶやく - Tweet about this book

I think this is my profile if anyone want to join me: :open_book:

Edit: お気に入りに追加する is to add someone to your favorites, I think that’s how you can follow/friend people, but I’m too shy to try it on a random native Japanese person to find out though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure how Goodreads works. But basically you can add books based on ISBN number.
Then you will have your monthly, weekly or daily stats. And I will present you with people reading the same books as you, so you can take a look on what other stuff they are reading as well.

The japanese interface it’s not that hard, though I can’t fully undersatnd most of the reviews yet :sweat_smile:

This is my profile as well. Hopefully I will continue to add more and more…


I’ve got the opposite problem - I can read the website without too much trouble, but at my current rate of one book every 6 months I’m not sure it is going to be worth it! :joy:

The tab headed 読書メーターとは does have illustrations which might help anyone trying to figure out what it’s good for.


Okay, well it sounds like it would be worth checking out, anyway - thanks!

Having a record of what I’ve read is the kind of thing that makes it easier for me to donate my books on :sweat_smile:


I haven’t looked at it yet, but does it allow to add books you read a while ago? :thinking:
Or is it more “we record stuff starting today

Edit: Yep, you totally can.

Edit2: feel free to enjoy my shitty tastes in books:


Might as well share my profile:

Gonna read many light novels once I am able to :sweat_smile:


So made a profile (

How do you add how many pages you read on a specific day?


I can’t seem to find a way. Maybe it only tracks how many pages you’ve read after you’ve finished a book?


I’ve gotten my average pages (monthly, weekly , daily) stats after saving a book as already read.
I haven’t found any way to input specific number of daily pages .


Oops, a bit late to reply, but yeah, I just checked the help page, and it’s automatically calculated based when you add a book as read. I couldn’t find any details about their algorithm, though, since you only say when you finished the book, but not when you started…


Thanks for the link! I’ve been searching for something that tracks Japanese books.
Too bad that you can’t update your reading progress like on Goodreads (?), but at least you can use the calendar function to track when you’ve read. It’s kind of motivating to read every day so you don’t break your daily reading chain haha


Yayyyy thank you for the link! I love tracking things so hopefully this will motivate me to read more of those Japanese books I’ve been 積読-ing lol :roll_eyes::upside_down_face:


I’ve been looking for a way to track my reading habits, as it’s illogically difficult for me to actually do what I planned to without tracking/checking it off somewhere. Now I won’t have to add another thing onto my manually tracked stuff. :sweat_smile:

This is m btw:

Added all of you folks who posted your profiles to users I’m following.


Great!! There’re a more than a few already using the website… though I must confess I’m incredibly surprised by @NickNickovich reading speed :open_mouth::open_mouth: … he’s like those “a book a day” challengers you see bloging about it from time to time.

I’ve done the same for anime and dramas watched raw or jp subbed… the whole thing about following progress this way seems to help whenever I feel progress it’s not happening


That’s a great idea! Gonna check those sites out as well, thanks!

Yeah, some of those profiles were quite impressive. Something to strive for, I suppose. :slight_smile:

(Know of a good site for tracking games? :'D)

#20 perhaps ?? :sweat_smile: …I haven’t use it, not playing a lot of videogames lately