📚 omk3's visual reading calendar

Or you can make a key (for the table) with the cover and the title beside it? In case you don’t want the table to be more busy, I mean.

Could go in post two where you note your finished books. I guess it means your current read(s) won’t be identified anywhere though. xD


Fixed it! It turns out it was very easy and didn’t add anything to the table. I just add the title in quotes after the image’s url in the reference part.

Like this:
[confessions]:upload://eToyOQfQm0VDXq79KssbNcuQ6C4.png "告白"`

If only those breaking images were that easy. I really don’t want to make them a single image (so many variations!), especially now that I’ve added title functionality.


Dang, that is nice and easy.


In the end, and after I tried every trick I could think of and then some, I gave up and made composite images of the double books. This will teach me to not read two books in one day, I guess. On the other hand, now I can read three or more books in one day and not worry about the html gymnastics needed to display it properly. The sky is the limit.

And now I really should read instead of playing with book pictures


With 5 (!) book clubs coming up soon, and 6 books I’m supposedly reading at the moment (some actively, some not), I’d better get organized…

Currently Reading:

More or less on hold:

  • かにみそ - at 15%, this can count as barely started. I’ll probably leave for a later time.

  • 山の霊異記 幻惑の尾根 - At 50%, I’ve been reading this on and off since last year. It’s short stories, so it’s fine to leave for long and revisit later, but I need to finish it at some point.

  • 糞尿譚 At 30%, haven’t touched it since last year. I really want to finish it, but it’s not an easy read, so I keep putting it off. Now is not the time to get back to it.

Coming up:

It’s obvious I need to start wrapping up at least some of the books I’m currently reading or it will be chaos.

Immediate goals:

  • Catch up with あん and finish ahead of the club (should be doable) :white_check_mark:

  • Keep up with マリアビートル, or ideally finish ahead of the club. (first is doable, not sure about second. But in October I’m almost certain to fall behind again, as it’s not the kind of book I want to be reading in October - it’s spooky time) :white_check_mark:

  • きつねのはなし: This one, I’m no sure what to do about. I definitely don’t want to leave it on hold, and it’s a good read for October, but will I have the time? Experience with it has taught me that it’s not a quick read for some reason (not difficulty, probably the leisurely atmosphere?), so I think I should just aim to read it whenever I have some free time from all the rest.

  • Make my peace with leaving some books aside for now. かにみそ and 糞尿譚 can wait their turn, whenever that may be.

  • I’m not happy with leaving 山の霊異記 幻惑の尾根 on hold indefinitely though. I’m halfway through, after all. And it’s spooky stories, a good fit for October. Maybe alternate between this and きつねのはなし whenever there’s time, with a general aim of finishing within the year if possible. :white_check_mark:


I feel the same about this one :sweat_smile: I feel guilty each time I look at my „ongoing reading“ list… What if we made it a concerted effort to read this together whenever there is a good timeslot™? :grin:

Bonus points are that I forced one of my language partners to read it (and he read it in an hour or so boi I’ve never been so frustrated in my life :rofl:) and so he can help us along if we get lost in page-long sentences and dialogue without dialogue marks :cold_sweat:


Finding the good timeslot™ is the difficult part.

I keep filling my schedule with other stuff for some reason. October is out, and I’m not very sure about the rest of the year either. When do you think would be a good time? Maybe make it into a a new year’s resolution?


I deliberately left that part a bit… vague :grin:

But yeah, I’m also quite full for the rest of the year (and would like to finish off some other books if there is a chance) but New Year’s resolution sounds fun! I‘d be up for it :blush:


Since I went to all the trouble of making it, I’ll go ahead and post my Gantt chart of reading for the rest of the year here:

I think it looks pretty relaxed :crazy_face: :melting_face:


Entering the penultimate month of the year (already!), here’s a status update on reading:

Started but unfinished books (in order of progress):

  • リング Currently at 81%, or the last week of the club. Should wrap up soon.

  • 正欲 Currently at 60%. I sort of lost interest along the way, but I aim to go back and finish it soon(ish). Definitely before the year ends.

  • きつねのはなし Currently at 52%. It has been on hold for a while, but I definitely aim to continue and finish it before the end of the year.

  • (糞尿譚) At 30%, but haven’t touched this year at all. I should probably just mark it as stopped so that it stops haunting me like this, but for some reason I don’t want to let it go. Realistically, I don’t see me continuing it this year.

  • A collection of mystery/suspense short stories. Currently at 29%. Readable and entertaining. Will keep reading a story here and there when the mood strikes.

  • (かにみそ) At 15% but on hold for a while. Would like to continue, but I’m okay with leaving it for next year if there’s no time, which seems likely.

  • medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠 At 14%. Reading with the book club, but a couple of weeks behind at this point. I do plan to catch up soon, but for some reason it hasn’t captured my interest so far. It’s still early though, and it’s a smooth read at least.

  • むらさきのスカートの女 Just started, at 10%. Readable and interesting, I plan to read it relatively fast.

Starting in November:

  • 痴人の愛 Should have already started, actually. I may delay it a little (or a lot?) in favour of finishing a few of the books above? I decided not to start this now after all. Maybe next year.

  • 月の裏側 Starts November 6.

  • 傲慢と善良 Starts November 11. I had said I wouldn’t take part, but I somehow now have the book, so…

Starting in December:

Out of all the above, I plan (or, more accurately, sincerely hope) to have at least finished the following by the end of the year:

I’m totally on top of things. No way will I have a dozen half-finished books on January 1st, no, not at all. :sweat_smile:


I love the Gant chart (are they also called timeline charts?). I want Natively to auto-visualise that so bad.


January 2024 wrap-up:

This month I missed 4 days of reading. I started 3 books and finished another 3.
I read a total of 1001 pages with an average of 32 pages per day.

I did slightly worse than January last year:


Hi there! It’s been a while since I interacted with you on here and it’s my first time encountering your visual reading calendar! So pretty! These stats and graphs are making me drool… :drooling_face: I want them too… But mine probably won’t look as great since I don’t read as much as you. :joy_cat:


February 2024 wrap-up:

This month I missed 8 days of reading, but it still went very well. I started 4 new books and finished 5. I read a total of 1152 pages with an average of 40 pages per day.

I did much better than February last year:



March 2024 wrap-up:

This month I missed 6 days of reading. I started 3 new books and finished 4. I read a total of 1073 pages with an average of 37 pages per day.

Better than last year’s March, but it could have gone even better if life hadn’t gotten in the way these last few days, as it tends to do.


I currently have one book underway (which I was hoping to have finished or be close to finishing, but never mind), and will be joining 3 book clubs (if I’m not forgetting some) in the coming days. I read more in April last year than in any of this year’s months so far, so let’s see if I can beat that score or not.


April 2024 wrap-up:

This month I missed 3 days of reading. I started 7 books and finished only 3 of them. Two of these were audiobooks. I read a total of 1201 pages with an average of 40 pages per day.

I did slightly better than last April:


May 2024 wrap-up:

How is it already June? Where does time go?
Anyway, this month didn’t start very well reading-wise, but it took off after a while, and it’s now the month I read the most in Japanese so far. Much of what I read was audiobooks though, and I’m sure that helped with speed.

In specific numbers, this month I missed 5 days of reading. I started 5 books and finished 7. 4 of them were audiobooks (one of which I had mostly read last month and only finished in May). I read a total of 1349 pages with an average of 44 pages per day.

Here’s the month to month comparison with last year:


June 2024 wrap-up:

June was pretty bad reading-wise, and I’d be surprised if the rest of the summer goes any better. I just can’t focus on reading lately, I start books and then don’t feel like returning to them even though I like them. I blame the heat. Probably.

Anyway, this month I missed a record 14 days of reading, basically half the month. I started 3 books and finished 2 of them, unsurprisingly both of them audiobooks. I read a total of 810 pages with an average of 27 pages per day, or 50 pages if you only count the days I actually read on.

Here’s the month to month comparison with last year:

So far this year I have finished 24 books compared to 19 at this time last year, and listened to 53 hours of pure audiobooks (without reading along) compared to 0 last year.