Sorry but... Radical Overhaul?

I have been gone for a while and couldn’t find anything about this topic in preexisting threads. So if this is a stupid and annoying question, sorry. Please help me anyways?

Around the time I left, there was an announcement for a radical overhaul, that would take some time to complete and was going to change radicals drastically.

Now I’m back and my radicals don’t seem any different. Did the WK team back out or is this still going to happen?

You… you’re expecting an announement and the implementation within the same decade? Are you new around here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back! No, it’s not been released yet, but it’s still coming

At level 35, you have learned around 80% of WK radicals, so might as well not wait for the radical overhaul and continue to level 60. Unless you’re planning to reset to level 1.

I might reset, but not all the way.

Heeey @Heiopei! Welcome back :slight_smile::v:


But what if they renamed a radical from level 9, and you reset to level 10, reading a new mnemonic using the new radical name that you’ve never heard before?

I think I could deal with that.

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This is going to be an actual issue for everyone who’s already done anything under the current system unless they figure out a good way of phasing in the changes.

That’s why you always reset to level 1 like me

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I wish I had @BreadstickNinja’s “magic” infographic

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