New update has me freaking out

Do I reset? It would take me 4 months at the fastest possible pace to reach lvl 17 again. That’s a lot of work down the drain. I accidentally hit relearn new radicals not knowing I could turn off the update. I’m stressing hard. I was already stressing over WK’s workload and trying to dial back daily reviews.

Take it easy. The choice to use the new names for the radicals is :100:% yours. The new radicals that showed up in lessons are just new ones. They did not affect pre-existent content. Take a look to the renamed radicals on Menu => Tools and choose those you prefer the new version.

That simple :ok_hand:

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Why would you do that !??
The new radicals are a drop in the ocean compared to wanikani total content. Also they are now more closely following their kanji meaning, so you probably already know most of them.


I had 11 renamed radicals on level 60, and they didn’t change much anyway. [I guess you can use the old names as “hidden accepted answers” anyway?]

There are also a handful of new ones you would have gotten either way.

Edit: seems like you don’t see new names for burned radicals?

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…why would you reset?

The Japanese language hasn’t changed. If you know a kanji or vocabulary word’s meaning and reading… that’s that. There’s zero reason to do that over. It’s no different.

If you feel WK’s workload is too much in general, pump the brakes on new lessons. Let them sit, just do your reviews until your apprentice count is at a manageable level (be that 125, or 100, or whatever).

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lvl 27 got an additional radical, which means my levelup is now delayed by 3 days. shitty timing, but meh.

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