Changes to Radicals/Mnemonics


So I bought a year subscription around last May and I got to level 7. I went on my trip to Japan and then got way behind on my reviews. When I tried to get caught up, I felt super discouraged because I didn’t remember much. I’ve since reset my account and I’m at level 3 now (it went soooo much faster this time, haha).

I noticed that a lot of changes have been made to the mnemonics for some radicals and kanji. When did this change take place and why? I’m just curious.

(For example: “enclosure” is now “prison”, “nail bat” is now “finger”, etc…


Welcome back! There was a content overhaul in December. Check this post… WaniKani Content Overhaul


Thank you so much! I’m definitely out of the loop. I appreciate your answer <3


Sure thing! :smile: