Old mnemonics gone but still accepted?

Hello, I recently reset my level to 1 (after 2 years break). In around 2018 I remember a large mnemonics update, mainly in some of the early radicals names. So I remember seeing an option to use old mnemonics or not at that time, which I can’t find now? also, it seems as if the old mnemonics are still acceptable as an answer.

So the actual problem - at level 2 there’s a radical called “private”, which surprisingly, when I took this radical lesson, I learnt it as “pile”. In the reviews I also referred to it as “pile” and got it to guru. I obviously did not look at the radical information page again as “pile” was quite easy to answer.
Now on level 3 I’ve encountered the kanji 台(machine), and I was surprised to see that the radical I knew as “pile” was being named “private”. so I searched the radical “pile” to check if I got confused with a different one and guess what? the result was “private” and the radical “pile” does not exist, not even as a synonym.

So -

TLDR : Are the old mnemonics removed? If they aren’t, I can’t seem to find an option to disable/enable them. It looks like WaniKani does not acknowledge the existence of the old mnemonics yet still accepts them? I’m kind of confused. If the old mnemonics ARE removed that’s even more confusing as “pile” was accepted for the “private” radical.

I understand that reporting a bug is done through mail, but honestly I’m not sure if it’s even a bug so that’s why I’m posting it here. if anyone knows if I’m just missing something or is it a known problem?

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You can toggle Display Old Mnemonics in the app settings.

Normally you would be able to see the option to enable old mnemonics, but since you reset to level 1 they’re gone (WaniKani treats people at level 1 as new accounts)


Old names will still be accepted as answers since there are some people still using the old mnemonics. The old mnemonics aren’t fully removed.

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