I'm level 6, almost 7. Should I keep Old Mnemonics? Or switch to new?

Hey guys, it’s just like what the subject says. I took a hiatus from wanikani and I’m back and ready to learn! However, now I’m torn on whether or not I should switch to the new mnemonics. I’m fine staying with the old stuff but feel I’m missing out on what could potentially be more efficient.
All advice appreciated!

The old mnemonics only apply to the radicals. All kanji will have theirs using the new ones. Make use of that information as you will.

What he said is, the earlier you switch the easier it is for you to work on the new kanjis.

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Yeah, despite how it might have been presented it’s definitely going to be very confusing moving forward if you don’t learn the new radicals/mnemonics/readings. You won’t actually have access to old mnemonics if they used the kun’yomi readings before the switch, so you will find you kinda have to move on to the new.

I am level 8 and I am already done learning the new radicals at my level. It was nothing. Probably fifteen minutes of time at most.

I feel like everyone should switch to the new radicals and mnemonics. The option to use (in a limited fashion) the old ones was kind of a red herring to make the change seem less abrupt, but really only people with most things burned already should skip learning them. Anything new is going to make a lot less sense. You have a lot to go – rip off the band-aid now and just do it.

I have just moved up from level 6 to 7. The new radicals did not really add much to the lesson / review time. As other have said, when you get new Kanji, they will be using the new mnemonics regardless of whether you have learned them or not. So you are better off re-learning them now.

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