Update on the Old Mnemonics

Hello everyone :wave:

For those of you who have been around long enough, you may remember that we released a content overhaul on WaniKani a few years ago. We renamed radicals, updated a number of mnemonics, and moved items around. The older content remained viewable for users like yourself who had already started WaniKani. At the time, we decided to keep it up for at least 2 years.

It’s now been 2 years and 2 months since we’ve switched, and we will finally be saying goodbye to the old content on April 6, 2021. The number of users that still use the old mnemonics dropped to a very low level over the years and supporting the old mnemonics adds complexity to our work when we are making any changes to the site. Going forward, we will be shifting our focus to making improvements or updates that impact the whole WaniKani community.

So what exactly will happen on April 6?

  • The old mnemonics will disappear from your lessons, reviews, and subject pages. Only the latest mnemonics will appear.
  • The old names of the radicals will continue to remain on our allow list, which means you can use these in your reviews. For example, if you enter ‘Nailbat’ for扌instead of ‘Fingers’, this will still be counted as correct.

For those who really want to revisit the old mnemonics after they’re removed from WaniKani, we’ve shared them in this Github project, so you can view them whenever you’d like.

Thanks for sticking with us throughout these changes :crabigator::heart:


RIP Nailbat, even though I reset and you aren’t in my reviews anymore, I still use you in custom mneomonics.


yeah i also need to make my own mnemonics in my brain on some of them because it just doesnt clicks to me whenever i try to remember the mnemonics ( not a total rewords, just rearrange some words that i can understand better)

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韋 will always be cow god to me :heart:




Uhm… and I haven’t reset WK when I got back to it a year ago just to keep those old mnemonics… and because I was still at level 1 now it looks funny to have “1447 days” to finish it, lol

Thanks for sharing the old mnemonics on Github while making these changes. No need to forget the past even as you move forward. ^>^ I for one welcome the new mnemonics. :slight_smile:





Interesting… Given my current pace of 10 lessons a day, I calculated that I would finish the last of all of my lessons on exactly April 6. Thanks for waiting for me to finish!


@JenK Sorry, Github noob here! :sweat_smile: Can these files be uploaded on our own computer somehow so that the old mnemonics will still show up on WK? Or is this file just a sort of archive list that we can access if us old timers would like to confirm the existence of an original mnemonic?

(This is also my first ever forum post… hello world! :nerd_face:)


I remember the overhaul. I can’t belive it has been that long already!!!


Rest in pieces Charlie Sheen, replaced by a :sheep:


Farewell, IKEA radical, your flatpack furniture turned into weapons.


I guess they were always capable of violence

(Looked for translation version, but just as well I didn’t find it)
Um, this is a song kids listen too, n.k? But it is dark

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It been a good run nailbat. Also water slide stuck with me more than scooter.


I went half and half to be honest. Sad to see them go.

The new ones are usually on the safer, blander side, while the old ones contain pop culture references that may miss or sometimes the radical inside has been replaced from something made up to the associate kanji’s meaning.

Picking and choosing for each situation was best. Also waterslide >>> scooter fite me


Does this mean no more Mrs. Chou? :frowning:

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i’m pretty sure that if WK tried to get rid of Mrs Chou, Mrs Chou would come beat up Koichi :wink:


It’s just a file you can look at to review, not something you can add to WaniKani yourself.