Okay, kanji, now you've gone too far

But has Leebo ever Leebo’d Leebo’s self?


When that happens they have to reset the servers, and so I try to be careful about it.


Only seen 幼虫 used for larva, but that was specifically for セミ。

Interestingly daijirin lists 孑孑 as


so maybe 孑孑 specifically means 蚊の幼虫。

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Yeah, 孑孑 is unequivocally mosquito larvae I believe. I just don’t know about other uses of that kanji potentially.

When Leebo is complaining about absurd Kanji it is time for the rest of us to turn tail and run.

For real thought this is crazy. I am going to add it to my list of Kanji I use to surprise Japanese people.


Okay, now that I’ve given my brain some time to rest, I decided to spend some time digging around on mosquito-related subjects, and being from the South, the logical first step is the Mosquito Hawk. I tried a quick google translate of it to find some basis for articles on it, but got nowhere with that (蚊のタカ).

So I pulled it up on Wikipedia in English and flipped it over to Japanese, which got me the actual name (大蚊 aka ガガンボ). Interesting that it actually has a kanji in it that means mosquito.

Just in case anyone cares to know, these are easy to catch and make amazing bait for fishing.

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I think the kanji were having a party one night and got a little too drunk. 孑 said, “Watch me confuse everyone!” and 孒 said, “Hold my beer.”


Hahaha, the kun’yomi is ‘[the one that] doesn’t have its left arm’.


And “short”.
I think that was from when the other kanji started picking on it.


:sob: < bawling under a blanket for some reason > “Leeb Leebo aleeboーne!”


Hi, new to WaniKani here (less than week), I would just like to let ya’ll know that this is now the most ‘advanced’ kanji I know, It is stuck in my head thanks to this thread.