Reviews Problem

Is anyone else having a problem with reviews not saving? I am completing my reviews only to find the message that reviews are available when they clearly aren’t. Then after 30 minutes to an hour it’s giving me the same reviews again. The main issue this is causing is that I need to concentrate on getting any mistakes wrong again so they don’t move too far along the progress before I am ready as well as the pressure of getting the ones I got right first time correct in the frustrating retakes. Please help.

This sounds like a similar problem to what happened last week. I’ll ping @viet and perhaps he can look into it for you.

Thanks. I appreciate it

Can you give me a small list of review items you did which reappear. Also a timestamp (day, time, timezone) of when you did them the first time?

I can’t but will try to pay attention to which words from now on. It’s about half of them every time

Really appreciate it. Thanks.

I feel like this has maybe been happening with some of my reviews the last few days…but I barely noticed, and I don’t trust my memory anyway so I figured I just forgot.

But if I notice it again, I’ll add more details–maybe it’s the same problem.

Just happened now Got time 19:47 with poisonous and poison gas, both of which I got correct.

Its happening to me on and off again as well, I’ll let you know what/when it happens again

Yes, definitely happening. I’ve been having this happen for the past week for me. Though it seems to be mostly when I’m switching between my phone and my computer. Like they are out of sync or something.

I actually came to the forums specifically looking for this topic cause I thought maybe I was going crazy.

Using the information people have provided us it seems there are instances where completion data is not reaching servers. We checked our server logs within the timestamps people gave us and looked for the item ids in the request params which hit the logging endpoint. Nothing is returning. So that tells us the information is not reaching us.

We are going to add logging on the client side for request errors and see if we can draw a better idea of what is happening. It is weird though since all we did the last week is switch the reads over to a new table. 500s have nearly dropped to nil, and performance is up quite a bit.

Are you using any WaniKani user scripts/extensions? If you are can you do either of the following: Try doing a few sessions using a different browser which isn’t running any of the scripts OR use your existing browser, disabled all of those scripts, flush out your browser’s cache (especially local/web storage data), and do a few sessions that way?

I’ve had it happening a little bit too. Only a few of the batch and not every time. And though it has happened before too, it has been happening more last few days. I did add a new script though, a srs sorting script. I assumed that was the cause until I saw this thread. Not seen it happening today though, so might have sorted itself out =)

I’m fairly confident that I am not running anything as I don’t know what all that stuff is all about. Still happening to me though

I’ve been using the Allicrab app, if that makes any difference.

I’m having this problem too. I don’t use any scripts.

After finishing a review session it will often (but not always?) say reviews “Available Now” even when there aren’t any.

This has been happening to me for several days. I use the WaniKani Companion extension.

I have the same issue too. Just started this morning. I tried on my Ipad, my Iphone and my Android phone to no avail… the OCD part of my brain is screaming fix it, fix it, fix it​:scream:! :smile:

I also use mobile phone sometimes and ipad other times but am still encountering the issue

When you say you’re using your mobile/ipad, do you mean you’re using one of the third party apps or just the browser version? More detailed information would help them figure out where the issue is.

Normal browser. Chrome on phone, safari on ipad. It’s really frustrating as I balance wanikani with a full time teaching job and having to redo reviews is setting me back. I have always done my reviews this way without this issue until the last couple of weeks where it keeps happening. I’m currently avoiding doing new lessons as my reviews will grow to unmanageable numbers due to the repetition.