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Hey all

I use Easy Japanese to practice my kanji. However I am only at Wani Kani level 12, and Easy Japanese often has some very difficult kanji in its news stories, far above my level. I was hoping someone could suggest an alternative reading practice app that is available on iphone, and that is a bit easier.

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Hi! Welcome the forums!

Is Easy Japanese an app for reading NHK Easy News, or is it something different? I don’t have an iphone, but I like reading the NHK Easy News on the web. ( They have an option to toggle on/off furigana for each article (漢字かんじの読よみ方かたをつける・漢字かんじの読よみ方かたを消けす).

Otherwise, I’ve heard some people recommend Satori Reader (, especially because it can sync with your Wanikani level to show you only kanji that you know. I’m not sure if it’s available in app form, though.

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