Nuance for 取材?

Over the past couple weeks I’ve seen a swell of photojournalists surrounding the Prefectural Legal Affairs building that also houses the immigration office. Previously there wouldn’t be anyone there. But these days there is a group of them on the sidewalk with their cameras either in hand or on a tripod aimed at different points of the building. The other day I stopped and asked one of the guys what’s going. He said “取材”. I asked if there was a special event or something and he said no.

The definition wanikani gives for 取材 is covering an event, jisho doesn’t say that at all. It says news coverage but not specifically an event. I’m wondering if anyone knows why wanikani might have specifically put “event” in the definition or if there is a nuanced meaning or something.

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Well, I never took “event” to mean “a gathering of people for a specific purpose” exclusively. I took it to mean “something that happened or is happening.”

Like, a burglary could be an “event” covered by the news in that sense.

The gathering of information for news is the most important aspect of the word, not what is covered.


I guess I just took it more literally.

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