Some radical image SVGs not displaying

So I’m creating a script which involves displaying all radicals/kanji, and for some reason most of the radical images don’t display:

It may be something to do with my method for displaying the images being wrong (I’m still figuring that out) but I found it really strange that some were unaffected. Does anyone know why? Using the pngs, they all display.

This is how I’m displaying them:

I looked through this thread for guidance, but it did not clear things up for me. I’m using the unstyled svgs so I can style them. I can only assume I shouldn’t be using an img tag and src, but information online hasn’t been too helpful.

For the record I’m more confused at the inconsistency than anything. I would assume either they all display or they all don’t


Are you sure that index 7 is always an image with the URL property? You might have to use Array.find() to find the right entry in the character_images list


I briefly considered that possibility, but then immediately thought “No, there’s no way that would be the case. Of course they’re all going to be the same”. I am a fool.


I may have done the same thing in the past :slight_smile:


I’ve had the same thing happen. It always was just the internet or my computer not loading fast enough though.

I got notified since that was my thread. Happy to hear you fixed it