Not being charged for my subscription anymore?

I emailed about a week ago but got no response, so let me try here.
During the summer I put my account in vacation mode then cancelled the monthly subscription charges while I was busy with other things for a couple months. This fall I disabled vacation mode and saw that my account was still fully active (I still have access to all levels and reviews, and have since then leveled up too). I assumed that I would be charged shortly after, but I have not been charged again. It has been well over a month since I took my account out of vacation mode, and the last time I was charged was 05/15/2017. I never went back to purchase the monthly subscription again after I cancelled it either.
Basically, for the last couple months, I have not been paying for my subscription, but still have full access to all the Wanikani features. Is this a bug? Am I missing something?

Looks like you found the secret way to get free WaniKani. :slight_smile:

Mentioning @anon20839864 so someone sees this.


Suddenly, all accounts go on vacation mode and unsubscribe. :upside_down_face:

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Sorry for not getting back to you.

We did see your email and it prompted an investigation. We are currently in the middle of it, but we identified the issue, which is now fixed.

There were a small subset of people who did get a free subscription for a duration; we are just looking at each one and coming up with a plan to open communication with them and to ease the transition back to a subscription without disrupting the service.

Enjoy the free months of service :slight_smile:


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