Not allowing other than english in answer

Hi! I have a small request- maybe when we’re supposed to write in the meaning of something, restrict the answer to English only?
I have like 4 keyboards installed each with a different language and it can get kind of frustrating to see an answer considered wrong because I wrote it in a different language. I mean a mechanism like when you write anything other than Japanese into the reading part

I second this notion. I’ve noticed that they do this exact thing for Japanese input, and something like ASCII only for English would work perfectly.

Some people add synonyms in their native language, so this would not work.


Hmm… I hadn’t considered that. There could be some option is settings to restrict English only inputs, or perhaps select languages that are accepted, but this is a lot of work and probably not something they would take the time to implement.

I only use Microsoft IME for so idk you may have it setup differently. Ive never had a issue with it accidentally typing in a different language because you have to push win+spacebar to switch. The suggestion I have is make sure your on the English for your keyboard and only focus on doing reviews so there should be no need to switch to another language.

I assume you know wanikani does input automatically on readings so you don’t have to change to a Japanese keyboard to type in readings.

Definitely get the WK Override addon. That way, when you make a legitimate mistake, you can try again without it counting against you.

Just don’t overdo it. It’s a helpful tool, but a dangerous temptation when you feel like you definitely knew that last one

The [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) is by far one the best ones with override. Also prevents you from double tapping enter too quickly on ones you got wrong.

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Aye, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but just to make one thing clear: you don’t need to switch to the Japanese keyboard to type the Japanese answers. Wanikani does that automatically. Just leave it in English mode.


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