Are there any wanikani groups on HelloTalk?

Are there any wanikani groups on HelloTalk?


Cc @Kumirei (?)

Never heard of any, but I don’t know

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If anyone makes one, I’ll join

there’s a discord server and a line group, with discord being the more active of the two (got a link to that in my profile, click my avatar).

Not that I’ve heard of, but I think there are better solutions even if it was on hello talk. The app is convenient but the servers are a bit messy, at least in my experience

What kinds of things are discussed there that aren’t discussed here. Just curious. Thanks.

It’s less of a matter of content, more that of a timing. Discord is a chat and happens in real time, whereas forums function like a public mail system with open participation.

Thanks. I use discord, just wasn’t sure what to expect as far as what the spirit of the thing is.

Basically the same as here, plus the option of voice chat, which some of the people use for studying events (mostly based on Genki).

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