Level three!

So I wanted to post an update on my progress so far :3

In the first week, I was very much just trying to go as fast as possible, but I soon learned that that wasn’t something I could keep doing. So now, I’m usually doing ten lessons a day in the morning. This seems to be a pretty good pace for me, and I have lessons ready for me every morning ^.^ Only exception I think is the radicals, which I can pick up faster.

And whew. Just now as I was doing some vocab lessons for level two and looking at those example sentences, I actually found that I started understanding the sentence structures a little bit :o with some of them at least, haha.

I’ll definitely continue going with this :3


10 lessons a day is a good number, it’ll afford you consistent progress while minimizing the risk of burnout. As you may have seen others say, another good way to measure workload is to keep your apprentice count a little bit below or above 100 according to how many daily reviews you can handle. There’s also a time line script in the API thread that helps to keep track of this. I also tend to front load the radicals all in one day and then do all the kanji in the next few days.

I believe the srs intervals change either between levels 2-3 or 3-4, someone can correct me on that. Either way, congrats on level 3!


Thanks! Yeah, I heard that the intervalls change, in level three from someone. I guess i will see once I’m able to start on those radicals :o First a whole bunch of vocab words though, haha

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Ah, it’s actually already slowed down now it seems, even if the vocabs are still level two :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :confetti_ball:

By the way, you can edit posts you’ve made by clicking the pencil icon at the bottom, so you can avoid having to make a new post if you think of something else you want to say. :slight_smile:


They’re only halved on the Apprentice SRS intervals and between level 1 and 2. Level 3 is already a normal 7d minimum level (apprentice: 4h, 8h, 1d, 2d)


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