No internet advice

Can you study a language without internet access?

What would you do?
What have you done?

Need to go without internet for a bit.


I would download a digital dictionnary that works locally and buy some books. That’s actually what I do even when I have the internet available.


No, no one ever learned another language before the Internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. My serious answer would be a textbook; whether a downloaded e-book, or the dead tree variety.


Yes. Honestly it’s probably more likely you will learn without it. But it takes dedication to do things daily towards said goal. Reading grammar books, listening, writing, reading manga or novels can all be done without the internet. Just don’t forget to put WK on vacation mode.


Also, offline dictionaries pretty easy to get. Seriously, I used Bookwalker and Aedict in airplane mode a while ago.

YouTube can pre-download for offline. too. Of course Netflix. Perhaps Podbean and Spotify too.

Or use third party app, that can work offline and sync later. Or use Anki.


If you can finish building out some good anki decks before you go incommunicado, those are an ideal way to study. Aside from anki, there’s a lot of things you can do:

  • Textbooks (digital textbooks on ereader services are still great too if you download a dictionary ahead of time)
  • Downloaded anime and TV shows (a lot of subscription services allow you to make episodes available for offline viewing, and there’s always the “high seas” of the internet)
  • Books (manga, light novels)
  • Downloaded podcasts
  • Kanji worksheets
  • Visual novels
  • Use a plugin to download YT videos for offline viewing
  • Talk to natives (if you have access to them)

Make sure to download lots of PDFs ahead of time. JLPT Sensei and JTest4U are both great for focused study.


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