Next review in 4 years


Well, I finally decided to buy the lifetime subscription.
Upon completion of transaction, reviews went from “available now” to “in 4 years”.
Did that happen to anyone else/is it normal while some stuff are updating?

Another thing that is possible is that I apparently turned vacation mode on before leaving WK about 4 years ago. Upon returning, vacation mode was off, but when I bought lifetime, it suddenly said I was on vacation mode. When I turned that off, I got the glorious “next review in 4 years” message.

Four years?

Sh*t… the first levels being slow is really true!

Better tag the master @viet .


Well, good thing that you went for lifetime!


@jprspereira @Kumirei yes, my thought exactly.

The Crabigator thought that “oh, hey, you’re here for the long haul then. Better take it slow, get to know each other a little bit better. “


On it.

And some more characters to fulfill the post requirement…


Cuz knowing each other since 2012 isn’t enough… :see_no_evil:



The Crabigator is an infinite being of eternal might. 5 years isn’t even the bating of an eye.


Cheers! That’s fast support!


It’s funny that not even admins respect the 10 character limit


You should be good to go now. Sorry about that. Going to look into why your reviews dates forwarded like that.


Life is so hard :crying_cat_face:


Thank you! You rock!

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