Four years?


So I upgraded to lifetime, but I got put on vacation mode and my reviews are pushed back four years. Whoops! That really IS a lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:


@viet Didn’t this just happen to someone else a week or two ago?


It did.


Indeed, the same thing happened to me. I see that you also joined back in 2012, so my suspicion that those things are related seems to be founded.


This just happened to me too. :frowning_face: Can it be fixed?


It should be able to. Viet was able to fix it for Nath. We just have to wait for him to see this thread, if he hasn’t already.


Why bother the admins? It’s not like you don’t have time to wait


I’ll take a peek. Be right back.


I have fixed @mhoyle

Going to scan for the others.

We thought we hotfixed this, but apparently not. This has to do with a specific user state, which affects a very small population. We have a much better overall fix waiting, but we are waiting until after the sale to deploy it.

In the meantime I am going to trace this again and see where the hotfixed missed. And also adjust all affected Users.

Sorry about the experience.


There were only a couple users outside of OP that were affected. Adjusted them all. Sorry about this.


NP, thanks for helping!


Yes, looks good for me. Thank you!

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