Newbie grammar question here

So yesterday I had a quick look at some grammar for the first time ( I’m going to periodically start going through genki 1 next week) and wanted to try to say “I understand a little Japanese” and what I wrote was that below, is it correct? According to google translate it is but I’d rather a person confirm it with me just😅 I don’t trust translate too much.



Yep, makes sense to me.

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Seems perfectly cromulent. You could also probably use ちょっと as well.

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Yes, the sentence is valid. Also, if you’re conversing with a person and it’s a given that you’re talking about yourself, you can leave out the 私は and just say 日本語がわかります, or if the conversation is clearly specific to Japanese ability, 少しわかります is just as good. Japanese people may be impressed that you know to omit subject/topic when valid, since I think many English speakers studying Japanese tend to always be including topic/subject, even when unnecessary in the conversation, because that’s how English is.

Just something to consider while delving into grammar.


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