My first experience with Italki

I used italki two times now, one trial and one full lesson.

I can tell you with all my reading, listening, vocab, and grammar knowledge so far, the Japanese conversation was just right. I guess I have underestimated the language, haha :sweat_smile:

I had a question about kara~ made~, do you use a particle after made when using a verb?
and sentences with days can be structured without ha~?


In a basic sentence, you don’t need another particle after まで to use a verb (まで itself is a particle).

You don’t need to use は to use a day in your sentence – and in many cases it would be incorrect to do so if the topic is not the day itself. (e.g. we often say things like, “Today I will go to the supermarket.” – the topic is most likely you (I), not “today”). If you are doing a comparison of days or the topic is the day itself, it would be appropriate to use は for the day in that case (in proper non-colloquial grammar).


I’ve used it with three different instructors and you definitely want to look around for someone who matches your needs. I think it’s a great tool for actual conversation practice if you don’t have a native partner to talk with.

(Or if you have one, but they don’t have the patience to teach you.)

This one is an instructor with 12+ years experience, he recommended to go through some grammar basics togheter first, otherwise conversation going to be heavy, and i agree.

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