Resolved - Problem with the ten kanji reading

Did this happen to you too? It seems to me like i’m answering correctly, yet it doesn’t work.

From the FAQ (I highly advise you to fully read it by the way):

Why is my reading answer for 入 (にゅう), 上 (じょう), 九 (きゅう), 力 (りょく), 十 (じゅう), or 女 (じょ) being marked incorrect? I’m putting in the right answer!

Most likely, you are putting in a big や, ゆ, or よ instead of a small one. See the difference?

  • にゆう = niyuu
    にゅう = nyuu
  • じよう = jiyou
    じょう = jou/jyou
  • きゆう = kiyuu
    きゅう = kyuu
  • りよく = riyoku
    りょく = ryoku
  • じゆう = jiyuu
    じゅう = juu/jyuu
  • じよ = jiyo
    じょ = jo/jyo

The difference is big, and it’s important to get these correct. For example, じゆう means “freedom,” so if you wrote that in instead of じゅう you would be saying something completely different.

Typing in Japanese can be tough at first. If you need a little help, we have a big guide on how to type anything and everything in Japanese here.


Your answer is incorrect, though.
You typed jiyuu じゆう but had to type jyuu じゅう

Edit: damn, @jprspereira’d

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The problem is that you aren’t using the small ゅ This probably occurs because you type something like Jiyuu instead of Juu.

I have to find ways to fool myself into thinking that I can be faster than you. If I can’t do it on WK, I’ll do it somewhere else :3 :green_heart:

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okay, that makes sense, thank you!


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