New year, new 私! [A shocking christmas miracle]

The year was coming to an end, and it hit me! The pile was over 1000 and everything had stagnated, I had been level 12 for one year now! Clear the pile this, clense the pile that… it did not work out, so as a christmas miracle, a crabigator suddenly appeared and forcably took out his claw and sliced the pile in a thousand pieces and also ate the number 2 from my level 12! Suddenly I was back at level 1 with a pile consisting of nothing! And I love it! I suddenly felt an urge to praise this diety that had ascended and removed me of all my heavy burdens, so I pledged to the crabigator; “I will pray for you, and live a life in service of you a crabigator! For the rest of my life!”

I am now a lifetime religious man of the diety crabigator and currently on level 4, doing my trade and living the life of a true wanikani munk every day and loving it!


:smile: welcome back

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Thank you @Kiryu_Kazuma !