I just took my last lesson on Wani Kani

I just have to share. I can’t believe I made it this far as a member of Team Taking It Slow.

Today, I just guru-ed my last kanji: (ぼ, “yearn for”). Burning that guy unlocked my last three vocabulary lessons which I just finished. Now I am left with 76 items in apprentice, 578 in guru, 485 in master, and 1,095 enlightened for a total of 2,234 active items remaining to be burned. I wonder which will be the last to burn.

I have currently burned 6,570 items. Looking at my upcoming reviews, I see that I have 84 tomorrow, 36 a week from tomorrow, and only 15 two weeks from tomorrow. I am surprised to see the workload will drop off so quickly. What will I do with the extra time?

Anyways, I just had to make a post to share since I am a bit proud of myself for my devotion to the worship of the Almighty Crabigator. Not meaning to boast, but to encourage others to persevere.

I plan to put together a post of things I learned about WK, suggestions for newer members, things I’d do differently, and things I wish I knew back at level 10 sometime later this week or next.



3 years in the making have paid off, congratulations!! :3


WooHoo !!!



i’d like to hear your experiences and suggestions…

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You deserve to be proud of yourself! Level 60 is no small feat after all. Congratulations!

I hope you had a good time until now. Check other forum posts about what to do next.
And go to Japan!



Please do share the lessons you learned along the way :star_struck:

Congratulations! おめでとうございます!

It is such an inspiration to see members of Team slow hitting that golden level 60. :heart_eyes:
I must be a member of team Even slower with almost two years of Wanikani and two more years to go…

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Congrats!! Been so nice to follow your increase in levels. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, buddy.

grats :slight_smile:
you’ll long be gone by the time i arrive there. the way just looks incredibly long.

Congrats to you and all the work you’ve done! I’m sure it’ll feel strange as WK reviews begin to drop off, but also exciting to be able to continue in your studies.

It’s an honor to be in your presence good sir

Thanks for the kinds words, everyone.

I posted my two cents on the journey to level 60 and hope you all make it there.

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