New Recent Mistakes Dashboard Component

Settings to adjust to up to 7 days would be fair. Sometimes I don’t make many mistakes, or simply skipped a day.

And they don’t always end up in Critical Condition Items yet.

Also somebody already mention that some adjustments needs to be made for too many mistakes.


Great - nothing like having all my recent mistake rubbed in my face!
Very discouraging!
Is there any way I can remove this from my personal page?

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It should be pretty easy with a script. I take it you want critical items removed as well?

It’s none of my business really, but I think that not having a negative mindset towards mistakes is very important. Especially in language learning, they are something to be very conscious of so they can help you improve. Feeling discouraged by mistakes feels very counterproductive. I’d try to look at them as opportunities to improve and proof that you’re learning :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m quite self-critical enough as it is; I don’t need to be reminded of my failures as I am fully aware of them all the time.
I am not someone who responds well to “challenges” which are framed as “you didn’t do this well enough”. I have no problem with criticism as long as it is productive and embeds encouragement; it’s how I learned best and the method that I find works best with mystudents.
If I want to know where I am falling behind, I will go and check myself. I don’t like having it pushed in my face at the start of each session.

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Well, you must have pretty good accuracy then I imagine! I would forget my failures 2 minutes later so it was always routine of mine to go through the summary page and review each miss individually.

It’s probably not something other people would make spontaneously, but there is a script request thread you should be able to find in the api section. Maybe you could request in there and someone can make it for you real quick.

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If you want to remove the Recent Mistakes panel with a script, if you like dark mode then Breeze Dark 2 will let you reorder or hide it, or otherwise I think maybe Extra Study Mover might be able to as well?

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If this is meant to be the replacement for the summary page then really they would do better saying so to stop any more threads about it. I think I’ll find it helpful for reviewing mistakes but I do still miss the percentage from the summary page, which did help motivate me.


This is fantastic! I love that

  • I can scan over my mistakes without any clicking or tapping: huge time saver!
  • They’re sorted by some sort of leechiness score so I can skip out once I feel like I’m in familiar territory.

I’ll be honest, I would appreciate the ability to increase the time window to two days, but if I really want to get some extra reinforcement I can always resort to pen and paper.

Thank you for the update!


This is exactly right. I think this (transitivity pairs) is the most exception laden part of the Japanese language. The “Aren’t there simple patterns…?” of this post sums it up really well.

What’s nice is that thanks to particles, it doesn’t get in the way of comprehension too much.

And as Pembo said, the only thing that’s really worked for me on the recall side is learning phrases in context and then mapping them into new phrases.

It’s tough, but you’ll get there eventually!


There is an easy way: prove that you now learnt the words by correctly answering the quiz and they will disappear.

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Now if you can add a recent mistake burn items section that would be great!

Thanks for this update. I’m hoping we get the ability to hover over the items to see what they are instead of having to individually click on each one.


Speaking of hover, meaning tooltips, I recently started using them in my app and they’re a game changer. Extremely convenient if the tooltip can contain more info than just a small text paragraph. A bunch of websites use them for dropdown menus to avoid the bulkiness of dropdowns.

Yea like others have said this isn’t the summary page. I want to see how well I did. If I spent 2 hours doing reviews and I got like 90% of the review correct I feel great about myself. Instead with this I only get to see the 50 mistakes I made?

It’s useful for learning but not satisfying


On one hand, I regret buying a perpetual subscription because I have nothing to cancel. On the other hand, I’m very happy I haven’t been supporting this nonsense month to month. What on earth are you guys thinking? Had you simply fired the developers years ago, you’d not only have saved all the money wasted on their salaries, but you’d have a better product to boot.


it is something i suppose, but i found the summary page infinitely more useful, can start by adding a hover/tooltip to items for a quick review after a session without having to do a quiz


Is there any way to review these and remove them? I wish it was a drop down, say 10 most recent mistakes (a single row of text) and then an arrow to show the rest. I thought the quiz would quiz you on them and if you get it right, then it dissapears from the recent mistakes but I guess not. I can’t say I’m a fan of this new tab taking literally the entire real estate… maybe when I’m done these 80 reviews it’ll scroll off screen lol


I know it’s not a perfect replacement for WK doing it themselves, but in the meantime I just released a summary page script which you might want to try if you found the original summary page useful! It’s a WIP but should work pretty well already, and if you try it and run into any bugs I’ll try and fix them quickly!


Congratulations. This is superb. I mourned the loss of the Error Summary when it was removed some months back, but this is MUCH better. I’m finding myself spending as much time on this as I do on Reviews. Great way to hammer things into my hard old head.


The Extra Study section in Getting Started page needs to be corrected.

It says, “Even if you got an item right in the last hour, but you got it wrong 10 hours ago, it’ll be part of Recent Mistakes.” This is the opposite of what the first post in this thread says, “If you get an item correct in a Reviews session before 24 hours have gone by, it disappears from the Recent Mistakes list.”