New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Ah, I meant the EN<->JP entry for 手加減手加減

That’s how it comes across to me. ^^ In the example sentence, it seems to me the speaker is asking the more experienced people around them to please be understanding that their status as a beginner might mean they won’t do great just yet. To keep looking on the speaker with “warm eyes” even if there are mistakes.

Though I’m by no means an expert, but more experienced people will correct me if I’m off the mark.


Isn’t it more like “pink card = this reading”, “purple card = this reading”?

If you get the redo script you can guess your answer as many times as you want lol. It’ll save you a lot of trouble

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Was just checking forward some levels to see what I’d be learning and apparently on level 29 I’ve already burned a radical (Hills)? I’m only level 26 right now, was this radical originally on an earlier level and recently got moved?

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Searching around, it seems that it used to be taught on level 8, but vocab using it didn’t show up until much later, so it was moved in March.

Edit: and welcome to the forums, by the way! :wave:


Ahh that makes sense - thank you!

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I see, thank you for the help!

I didn’t realize this until now, even though I’ve done over 100,000 reviews… hahaha

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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I did a quick search but honestly I don’t even know what to search for!

I am at level 10 and I just finished a batch of reviews, and suddenly a thing popped up indicating that there is a level 3 vocab that is locked (イギリス人) and I am totally confused. It shows up as being locked in both the app I’m using and on the website. What the heck is going on?!

In case there’s any question about the status of the 人 kanji, it is “enlightened.”

I think this might be a new addition (the word got added after you already cleared level 3) - let me check.
Edit: I could not find a Content Update Post mentioning this vocab word, but it is definitely a later addition. For me the word is locked as well and I know that it hasn’t been there two weeks ago.

No, words added after you’ve passed a level are immediately added to your queue, they don’t remain locked. Also, I burned this word on January 26th last year, so it’s definitely not new.

Perhaps it was removed recently, and whatever app @quirkybeeper is using hasn’t been updated. Though, it’s still showing in the list of vocab for me, so I’m not sure about that either.

I am using an app (updated regularly), but it was so weird when it turned up that I checked the WaniKani website, and it shows locked there too.

I reset a few months ago, I’d gotten to level 7, and I remember seeing it the first time around, but not this time, which is also really weird.

It appears this vocab was moved from level 17 to level 3 today. However, assignments have not been updated yet; if the vocab was locked for you before today, then it’s still locked now. This is both on the site and on the API, so this is not an app or API issue specifically.

Normally, in a situation like this, the moved vocab would automatically unlock for everybody who has passed the component kanji (in this case just 人), but for some reason this has not happened yet for some people, including me. I suspect the WK folks haven’t finished the implementation for this move yet, and it will unlock by the time this move is announced in a content update post. Since the content update posts are typically made on Friday, that will probably happen in the next few hours or so.


Ah, nice detective work. I checked the date that I’d unlocked that specific item, but didn’t compare it to the dates of the items on either side, and yeah, I unlocked イギリス人 about four months after I unlocked 市.

While I would love to claim a Sherlockian level of genius here, I really can’t :slight_smile:

For Flaming Durtles, every content update is a potential test case of how well the app handles dynamic updates, so I keep a close eye on all changes and I keep rolling backups of all subjects. So I can easily scroll back and see what a subject was like a few days ago. The original level 17 version also mentioned the vocab 英国 in the mnemonic, but since that is a level 15 vocab, that reference was removed when this one was moved to level 3.


In any case, thanks for solving the mystery! Hopefully they’ll clear it up soon because the level 3 status bar on my dashbord is getting on my nerves lol

Your app rocks btw, thanks for all the time and energy you’ve put into making it so awesome! In another thread, I complained about the card/tile layout on the browse screen, but I’ve used it more and I’ve gotten used to it, so you can at least remove me from that particular list of users’ complaints :joy:


Don’t worry about it, some of the criticism of the new layout is legit, but I knew right away that it would take some getting used to for many people… the old layout was causing more problems than it was worth, including performance problems, so it’s permanently gone, but I’m still experimenting with tweaks to make the new layout better.

イギリス人 now appeared in my lesson queue.

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I just checked my Wanikani page and I unlocked this vocabulary term on June 26 (you can see when you unlocked it at the bottom of the page). I honestly don’t remember thinking anything weird about it at the time! lol

Hey there, I am not a beginner at Japanese and I really want to jump to lessons that actually teach me something how can i do that? Or do I really have to do every lesson and wait forever to do the next even though I know most of the stuff already?
(I don’t have a paid subscription yet because I don’t want to pay for it if I don’t know if I can jump ahead of some things that I already know.)
Sorry it that’S in the FAQ but I couldn’t find it so please help me out :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Hello hello, welcome!

They do go into it in the FAQ. ^^

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