New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Don’t worry, a few levels in there is a slow but steady transition from being hyped for every new review and lesson to praying for WK to just slow it down.

yea I figured, still it would be nice to jump over the things I already know…

I forgot to mention it last time, but there is a “review” of WK written by someone that started WK as an advanced user (had already passed N1 when they properly started).

Maybe reading about their experience can help you decide whether it feels worth it to you. ^^


Interesting information thank you (Edit: I read it wrong, haha. please ignore what I wrote before if you read it already)

But for example it would be nice if people who know lets say Level 1 and 2 Kanjis/vocab
start with Level 3 instead BUT instead of only reviewing level 3 they also review level 1 and 2
Because if you know those kanji/vocab from level 1-2 it’s easy to do it at the same time as level 3.
But oh well I get why they choose this system. And I think I will stick to it! it really gets addicting waiting for the new kanji be to be unlocked! :smiley: Very fun!

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I also could win olympic gold, if I were a top athlete. But then again, I am not.
Fitting allegory for how I see programers that “just” write bots.


RUBBISH! Are you telling me the language of the wizards can be spoken by any common fool in this day and age?? I shall not believe anyone who spouts such nonsense. Get thee hence!


That doesn’t make it trivial, though


I am not even really sure what an api is so nope I probably can’t. XD

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hello, first of all I’m glad to be amongst this community, and I really appreciate the initiative you took aiming to help us new comers!

I only have a simple question, is there any way I can get advanced statistics for my learning progress? I’ve seen some level 60 masters showing their stats on this community, so is it only at the end that I can review them? thank you so much :purple_heart:


Hello hello, welcome!

If you navigate to the menu on your WK dashboard, you can find the API tokens. You’ll need API 2 for the WK stats site, which is responsible for a lot of the graphs you see.

There is now also the great heatmap script. It’s a user script, but everything that you need to know to install it should be linked in the heatmap thread.

Welcome again ^^


Perhaps it should, but I don’t think it is :eyes: I don’t really explain what scripts are and how to install them in my threads sweat_smile


I admit I didn’t check. :eyes: I saw Open Framework being linked, so that’s half the battle!

And I see that “How to install a userscript” is linked in the OP of this thread.

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If you use the heatmap you must try to click on days in the calendar. More stats will show up.


wow thanks!

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Are the readings getting easier?

I noticed many of the level 11 Kanji are read the same way as one of the components. Is that a lucky exception or can I expect more of these nice guys going forward?

There is indeed a pattern of certain radicals carrying readings that can be quite predictable at times. ^^ When you are familiar enough with some of the usual suspects, you can sometimes take a gander at the on’yomi of an unknown kanji, based solely on the position that one of the radicals has in the kanji composition.

I was always of the opinion that this user script should be part of vanilla WK, since it makes the patterns much clearer, and I think it’s a great addition to studying kanji:


Not a native English speaker, so I have to ask, aren’t these the same?

The station only refers to the building. It’s true that some people might use “police department” to refer to the building as well, but technically it refers to… the department, the police force as a whole, which is an abstract thing that might be spread over a variety of buildings and areas.

If you want to add it as a synonym, I don’t think it would be that big of a deal, as long as you know the Japanese word is just referring to a building.


Thank you very much for the quick reply, I won’t add it as synonym, but I’ll add a note, that this is about the building :slight_smile:

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Help :triangular_flag_on_post:
So I have unlocked level 3 today & have 46 new lessons but for some unknown reason I am not able to take the quiz (it’s blocked). If anyone knows why is this happening, do let me know? It’s kinda frustrating since there are so many new words waiting for me :sob: