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I just started because I’m doing good on grammar, my vocab is pretty low


Good job!

Welcome aboard the Crabigator train!


If I wanted to burn everything through level three before paying for premium so i can kinda start fresh on level 4, is that possible? (Also I don’t think I worded that question correctly so I hope it makes sense.)

No idea why you want to do that because it takes at least six months before you can burn the kanji (as in never show it in the WK reviews ever again).

But upgrading to premium remembers everything you did before, so you could work on lvl 1-3 for months first.

ah ok thank you! So you suggest just getting premium as soon as its available(once I finish level 3) and keep doing what I am doing? Also will your lessons pile up over time? Like this morning i started level 2 and i had 55 lessons lined up, I can take those at whatever speed i choose, correct?

You will get many lessons for a new level, but they are ordered so that you have to learn everything from the previous level first before you get new radicals and kanji that you need to level up again.

So if you go slow you level up slower, but there is no danger of lessons piling up because you are “too slow”.

One thing to keep in mind is that one lesson creates at least 8 times you will review it, so taking lots of lessons at the same time is a risk because reviews coming from different levels will overlap, giving you review session of hundreds of items.

You should decide on your pace in the beginning, like doing 5 or 10 lessons a day, or doing new lessons only if the number of “apprentice items” is below 100 for example.


Thank you! That really helps a lot. Hopefully slowing down a bit wont have me feeling crazy overwhelmed later down the road, even if that means it takes me longer to get to 60!

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No problem! I’m sure you will be fine, the main fault new users make it to be extremely eager in the beginning and binge every lesson available, only to be faced with hours of review time per day one or two months later that are no fun anymore.

Kanji are a marathon, keeping a good pace is key.

Also, kanji are important for Japanese, but pretty useless on their own, there are more fields of study you have to do in parallel anyway.


Help please. Am I doing something wrong here?

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You must have input niyuu. Inputting nyuu is the correct one. It uses a small ゆ :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Roxanne13579 and @tip I got it now :slight_smile:

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Hi, i am new, level 1.
I like the progression system, but i really struggle to understand what is the “vocabulary reading” ?
For example mountain is san, but is also yama ? It must be simple but i just don’t get it sorry.
Same thing for power, i learned power = riki, but sometimes it is chikara? when?
Did i miss something, am i stupid, or the website lacks of explanations and examples ?

Also, the lack of context gives sometimes the feeling of learning useless words.
Why not include the words in sentences when doing quizz ? Even if we don’t understand all the words, it would help to learn grammar indirectly, and it would be more rewarding.

Thanks a lot.
ps:english is not my native language, sorry for mistakes.

Kanji can have more than one reading, which are used in different vocabulary words. When the word is just one kanji, it’s always the Kun-yomi. For 山 this is やま. In words with more than one kanji it can be any reading, for example 山火事やまかじ and 沢山たくさん

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Coincidentally, this thread literally just came up in my notifications - did that happen because you were reading it?

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Thanks for your quick reply !
It seems quite simple indeed.

Belthazar : no i didn’t read that thread, but i will now :slight_smile:

When wanikani is teaching you a Kanji (red background), it’s about what this kanji means and one or more readings that are useful. These can both be on’yomi or kun’yomi readings, though usually it’s the former. The reason is that japanese is not consistent and for some kanji you will basically never see one of the readings in the wild (and if you do, it’s probably with furigana). Wanikani will focus on the useful ones.

When Wanikani is teaching you a vocabulary (in purple), this is one or more kanji + some Kana. This can be both on’yomi (usually compound kanji) or kun’yomi (usually kanji+kana). Vocabulary is actually how you will encounter the red Kanji in Japanese text, so studying the purple vocabulary is the most important part of doing wanikani, because if you only know the kanji readings (red), you can never be quite sure how to read anything really.

Some people here use scripts so they can level up faster, skipping out on vocabulary reviews and focusing on kanji, but in my opinion that will have the opposite effect - you will acquire and learn actual vocabulary at a much slower rate.



Feel free to correct me! Uhh pink?


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