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Hi everyone!

Hello! Welcome.

Hope you enjoy WK and the wacky forums. There’s lots of stuff to check out… see the links in the first post here, or cruise the Campfire for random social antics.

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If I want to use a third party app, (in this case WKstats) it asks me to enter an API Key, and gives me a link to a settings page on Wani Kani.

When I go to that API tokens section on that page, I am given a choice of:

  1. A personal access token I am told to push a button to generate, or:
  2. An API version 1 key, which i am told will be deprecated soon.

How do I know which one to use for wkstats (or indeed any other third party apps)?


Note: This API version will be deprecated soon. We recommend using the Personal Access Tokens with API version 2.

So I’d recommend using that (the personal access token) as well.
Unless the third-party site asks for a certain API.

Thanks for trying to help me - I used the Personal Access Token. I copied the generated code and pasted it into the WKstats website. Then I got a message saying “Invalid key format!”

Wkstats is still using v1. Rfindley is still working on the v2 version of the website. I’d say that if an app doesn’t specify v2 it’s probably v1, for now


Thanks for trying to help me. I tried to copy the v1 key across, for some reason it wouldn’t let me. So I typed the 32 character string in to the WKstats box manually, and it did work.
So thank you.

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Ive been bad. About halfway thru level two I started writing cheats… Helped get thru level but now its coming back to bite me… I need to re-learn all the kanji and vocabulary I cheated on. Is there a single source of all the completed information? If so how do I get it. Im not good at computer codeing and I don’t understand the api system… Please help!

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On the level pages you can see all kanji and vocab together as a list, for example WaniKani / Level 2

You could also just reset to level 1 with more knowledge how to use the system, it is one week to get back to level 3.

Another option would be to get the Self-Study script.

Doesn’t show you the lessons/info, but extra quizzing - and you can pick levels, or things you just failed (might be another add-on) or more!

What is the default order for reviews (assuming no scripts are installed)? Like, say you have 600 reviews. Will they just be completely randomized regardless of level, type, or whether they are meaning or reading?

Also, when you get the meaning for a specific kanji/vocab, will you get the reading within a certain number of reviews (and vice versa)? Or could it potentially be like 400 reviews away? This is assuming you have the 10 review limit thing off


I think which items are appearing is completely random. However, if you get a new item it is placed in an area with “active” items that has 10 slots. You are asked these 10 items continuously until you get both reading and meaning right of one of them, which is then again replaced by a random item.

So in theory it is possible that you get reading and meaning 400 reviews apart, but it is very very unlikely.


I need help! I just unlocked Kanji and I don’t understand what to type for the answers at all!!

This is explained here:

I advise you to read the whole series though :slight_smile: It has a lot of good information for new users :slight_smile:



And just to be sure: do you know hiragana? ^^


Because of the way the wrap-up button works, I don’t think that’s quite right… Yes, there’s the “most current 10 items” chunk… but until you get both parts of the item right, it’s still in there, I believe…
… Hm… You have me wondering though…

That’s how it seems to me, especially lately having cleared quite a pile-up.

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Quick answer - if it asks for the meaning, type the translation. If there’s more than one word (To appoint, to Designate, to specify) only pick one of them. For verbs “to” in front is very important. When it asks for a reading, you’re typing out the pronunciation. Again, if there is more than one option, only pick one. Beware of small ゅ versus big ゆ, and etc.

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Where do you think it’s different? I also meant to say that you have to get both reading and meaning right in the active queue to replace them. If you only get the meanings right for example you will be asked the readings of 10 items over and over.

The review system is like a “permanent wrap-up” with replacement.

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I keep getting “onna” wrong because the input steals the second n to complete the first n, forgets that n and then accepts a so I enter “ona”. :sob: Is there anyway I can say “Oops, I made a typo” and correct my answer?


This is just a consequence of how IMEs have to function, or some combinations that use the “n” key would become impossible to type. You have to type “onnna” to make おんな appear correctly in any IME, not just on WaniKani.

There are userscripts for undoing mistakes, though, if you want to install one, such as Override and Double Check.