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Wow, that’s commitment!


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I’m gonna ask here because I don’t want to create topics for something so small. Could someone please explain to me why the kanji for “To fix” looks different in the little icons (on picture related) and on Wanikani?


Because your browser is showing you the Chinese version of the character.

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Which exactly is the Chinese?
The one with an L shape, or the tombstone-looking one?
(And why is my browser doing this)

Tombstone-looking one is Chinese. L shape is Japanese. And browsers do it because they stoopid. If you’re on a desktop, there’s apparently extensions you can install to make it more robust.


Thanks for the clarification.
I’ll try to look for extensions for that.

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It should be enough to add Japanese to the language list in your browser settings. I did that for Chrome and it fixed the problem.


:open_mouth: You’re a saint! :smiley:


N-no, you’re a saint :flushed:


So I originally added an extension called Meiryou-chan and it didn’t work, but what you said did work so, thanks! (Maybe also helped by having that extension too, that I choose to keep)


Hi there,

I am very new to the WaniKani community as I am just Level 1 and bought the supscription yesterday.
However there is no Option for me to proceed with sessions. I did my last session on Friday and yesterday I wanted to do another one after I bought the supscription but now every time it says “0 Lessons”/ no Option to start a session. It really bothers me… -.- Please help and tell me what the Problem is? Thanks in Advance!


Hello hello, welcome! ^^

To help ensure that people are less prone to overwhelming themselves, WK restricts lessons until a certain percentage of items are at the Guru SRS stage. It makes sure you know your learned stuff pretty well before piling on more lessons.

The FAQ is a great place to read about how WK goes about things. For example:

Let us know if you have any questions after reading through the FAQ and we’ll be happy to help. Welcome again, and I hope you’ll enjoy your kanji journey!



I have finished Genki II and I’m using wanikani because I’m really weak at Kanji. I was wondering what’s the approximate wanikani levels for the vocabulary and kanjis learnt upto Genki II?


You learn what, 300 kanji in the genki books? I’d guess that’s about the same as the first 9 levels. You’ll be seeing new kanji pretty quickly, though.


Hi Omun,

First of all thank you for the answer, it makes sense! Just a little stupid question now:
Since these last two days I have been doing those reviews on time (unfortunately due to autocorrect on my phone two radicals have been answered incorrectly, and now I always have to wait hours just to rewrite these two) but still there does not seem to be any progress. I am a fast learner and got more free time now, therefor I’m already levels ahead from the actual sessions as I am studying the radicals now on my own, but I would really like to also do new levels in a session. How long do you think it will take to unlock level 2 or is it normal that unlocking a level takes several days? Also (I don’t know if you are in charge, but it says here constructive criticism is welcome, so I just wanted to give some input) I have been trying to use the WaniKani App from the Apple Store but after typing in my Log in Details the loading screen does not end. Maybe it’s a bug for iOS users? :slight_smile: Just a little side note.


The first 3 levels are a few days long, and usually levels take 7 days to be finished.

This is because of the system WaniKani uses.

Also, as far as I know, WaniKani doesn’t have an official app (for now), so perhaps you could look into the specific app you’re using, and search for a thread in the forums about it. :slight_smile:


There’s no official app just yet, the apps that are available now are made by users :slight_smile: Some seem to be better liked than others, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about TsuruKame ([iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews).

You can also just load the website from the browser, as it’s designed to look and feel good on mobile as well (personally that’s how I do my reviews when I’m not at my PC).


The AlliCrab app works really well for an iOS experience.

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I’m completely new to this spaced repetition system and I don’t know how should I use it. I mean there are these lessons where I learn the radical/kanji/vocab, but I don’t know if I revise them in the middle of the day, would it mess up the review system?

Generally speaking, it’s advised not to review an item immediately before it appears, because then you’re not really testing how well you know it. How long “immediately” indicates could change based on the SRS stage. If you check an item that is due for a burn review (4 month gap) 1 week before it comes, that might be “immediate” enough to make the burn review kind of pointless.

At the early SRS levels, doing reviews in between the stages probably isn’t hurting anything, it’s just less efficient.