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Perfect - thank you!!


Less of a bug and more of a problematic timing issue. We try and send the review to the server as soon as it’s complete. If people are super fast at leaving reviews or their network connection isn’t awesome, it’s possible that review is put in a queue of failed submissions. That queue gets sent the next time the person starts a review session (among other times), which is what @Talulabelle is seeing. It shouldn’t happen very often, but it does happen.


Thanks for the clear explanation!


I just hit level 3 and will most likely upgrade to a Premium account. Are there any promo codes available right now? The ones I managed to find has expired already.


Generally speaking, there aren’t any publicly available codes, pretty much at any time. At least not, intentionally. Sometimes people might be emailed one, or they get one for subscribing to a different Tofugu service, or there’s the essentially annual winter holiday lifetime discount.


I went with a monthly subscription for now. If I ever see Annual or Lifetime on sale, I’ll probably pick one of those instead!


Most likely there’ll be a lifetime sale around the new year. You should be able to use the money you’ve spent on the monthly subscription to offset the cost as well, if you send them an e-mail at the time.


Cool, I’ll try that! Thanks!


I’m not sure the offset cost works that way. If I read the below thread correctly (in the faq), the cost is only offset for ‘unused time’. In my perception, that means for example if you bought an annual subscription 9 months before the sale, you can spend the worth of the 3 remaining months on your lifetime subscription.

If what I said is correct, you will only be offset for the rest of the month with a montly subscription. I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’m partially also voicing my doubt to prevent unrealistic expectations by the time of the sale.

Edit: @Seraphim44, just so you know.


Back in The Olden Days when it was just TextFugu, if you’d been on a monthly subscription long enough that you’d paid the same amount as a lifetime subscription cost, Koichi would just grant you a lifetime subscription. And any time you upgraded from a monthly to a lifetime, you’d be granted credit for time already served.

Are they no longer honourable in that manner?


I can’t say anything about old times as I’m relatively new.

Perhaps they will be generous if you contact them (with a good reason), but I don’t read it in the sales post.

At the times I got my lifetime, I have been in contact with them about my e-mail address, because the one for paypal was different from the one for wanikani. My already expired annual description wasn’t subtracted from the lifetime fee, per mail instruction.


From a business perspective, it wouldn’t make any sense to convert all monthly subs to lifetime at the point where they spent the same amount of money, because then there would be zero reason to buy a lifetime sub.


You’re saying we’re just customers to them? I thought we were all one big happy family. :cry:


@Belthazar @Seraphim44 Yorbon’s post is correct.

I’m not sure if there would be any amount of that reduction if you were to pay for 1 month and 1 day later get Lifetime (perhaps 1 month’s worth would be taken off). I feel that is incredibly unlikely mid-month, however, and it certainly wouldn’t make any sense to pro-rate only a couple of days.


If you add something to User Synonyms, does that mean that they become accepted meaning answers in your reviews?


Yep, exactly. :slight_smile:


Great thanks :smile: