New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]


Has… has anyone ever given them a Turing test?


There are certainly a number of them who want the extra practice. @Aleithian, for example, did it to focus on writing kanji, this time through.


I’m planning to do the same. Ever since I drew the new SVG radicals for Tofugu, it has made a huge difference in my ability to write kanji, and that made me really want to go back and spend more time on it.


Cool. : D

I wonder if I’ll hit 60 before you lap me and hit it again. XD


Hello! I’ve brand new. Another small unaware person entering the ring. I’ve been doing WaniKani for only a few days now. I’ve read a few community posts, but I don’t plan on typing much here (that could change).

For now I’ve been keeping to myself, and will probably dive back in, once I’m a little higher level >.<

:wave: Well, hello!


Hello and welcome!
Whether you plan on posting much or not, the community can be a great resource for enhancing your Wanikani experience and Japanese learning journey in general. Hope to see you around!


@rfindley Well… you’ve already lapped me, so I guess I can see where this is headed… ^_^;



Even if you don’t feel like posting anything, feel free to use all the resources we post around. ^^



Anyone else ever gone to do a review for 1 thing, but when you click start session, it brings you straight back to the reviews page with the vocab marked as correct? Did i black out for a minute? Is this even the right place to make this comment?


Did you possibly already do the review on a different computer, or in a different tab?


nah because the review only became available a minute or two before i tried


Screenshot of the entire reviews page, please?


well I’ve done another set of reviews since, so it’s not there anymore

I really just wondered if this had happened to anyone else


I started my WaniKani journey a few days ago.

Is it okay to use Anki or other flashcard systems to repeatedly study the stuff from the WK lessons, or would it be counterproductive to my learning (since it would mean that my memory is refreshed more often than with just the WK SRS system)? There must be a reason they’re using these particular intervals for their reviews, so I’m thinking maybe it’s a bad idea to interfere.


It’s not necessarily bad to study between reviews (as long as it’s not just looking at the cards right before the WK review), but it’s less efficient. The intervals are intended to represent the minimum amount of reviewing you need to do to keep the item in your memory, so you could be taking advantage of that time for other things. It’s impossible to maintain that kind of outside-of-WK pace anyway once you get to level 5 or so, with the number of reviews you’ll have.


Thanks for the swift reply! I’ll just go ahead and do it the WK way then, since it seems pretty optimized.
Getting stuck on certain Kanji will probably just make me more motivated to get them right the next time, so it should be fine.


Yes. I believe it’s a random bug that I’ve heard of (and esperienced) before, sometimes (super rarely) a single kanji/vocab/radical will hang from your last review session and not consider itself done - even though you did it. I think this is related to that. @viet @oldbonsai want to weigh in on this?


Just came to say hello :wave:


How do I see my historical days spent per level? I saw someone at level 60 post a neat bar graph that showed how many days they spent on each level and I can’t find that anywhere. Do you only get it when you finish?


I believe you do have to submit your api key, to be found in your wanikani settings.
Let me know if you have any trouble.