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Oh, that’s beside his name… not in his avatar. I don’t think you see it anywhere when he posts? Also is he the only one? If so, perhaps it’s just some unicode/emoji flair.

Flair GIF Link
Because giphy is stupid…


Yeah, I wasn’t sure about this, but I thought it was the only way to distinguish CyrusS as part of the staff, so I went with it xD


I think he’s supposed to be “secret staff” although he’s out-ed himself many times? XD


You can still see the shield when they post:

If you hover your mouse over it, it tells you it means that the user is a mod

The others mods have it too (it shows when they post too, just not on this page/screenshot):


Viet & oldbonsai also have it (^^) only the crabigator, Koichi, and Kristen don’t



The more you know!


._. Nice joke


Im just browsing wanikani to see if this is the route i want to take.

Can anyone tell me will i learn the japanese pronunciation of the Kanji or will i just learn the english meaning using wanikani?



Wanikani teaches you the most common readings during kanji lessons and their meanings. Once you learn the kanji, Wanikani will give you vocabulary lessons using the kanji you’ve learned. Usually this vocabulary is a mix of words using the reading(s) you’ve learned and unique/rare readings that come up in common words.

I advise you to read the FAQ and the Guide for a better and complete explanation :slight_smile:

Also, as you can see from my level, I’ve already completed the program and I must let you know that Wanikani is in my opinion the best tool to learn kanji (and that lovely bonus of 6000 words).


Thanks for your reply.

So ive read those so i have a good idea of what wanikani involves so going to throw myself into it.

What im considering however is im currently doing lessons at japanesepod101… Should i continue these or entirely focus on this… As wanikani doesn’t really teach sentences/grammer and conversation i feel both together may be good but i obviously dont have any experience in this


The first 3 levels are completely free, so see how you feel during the trial period :slight_smile:

Personally, I haven’t used japanesepod101 so I can’t really give you my perspective on it. However, a lot of people have used it, so I’m sure someone will come to give their opinion.

Japanese learning involves developing several skills, such as listening, reading, vocabulary learning, kanji, etc. In my opinion, the more balanced your skills are, the better. There are people around here that have gone through the entire Wanikani program. They know 2000 kanji and 6000 words, which makes them very capable to reading kanji. However, they lack grammar and vocab extra wanikani knowledge because they chose to only focus on Wanikani. Sure, it’s a blessing not having to deal with kanji, but that hurt their studies in other sections of language learning.

To sum up, try to balance your skills. If kanji is something you’re struggling with right now, give prioritization to it (but never without totally leaving stuff like grammar study behind). The best visual representation is actually imagining a balance.

Hope this somehow helped answering your question xD


Hello great. Thanks for the help. Have a good one@


Hi all! New here, on recommendation by a colleague. Still on the radical stage after just a few days, but very impressed by the site so far. Looking forward to the personal growth this site delivers over the next 2+ years!


Welcome! and good luck!


I’m not a newbie but how do you make the text on posts littler?


by using <small>like this</small>


So ive read that its slow to start… But after 24 hours shouldn’t i have a new lesson? Ive just been doing reviews and getting 100% on them… But nothing new


You need to get those radicals correct 4 times (in a row, 1x wrong will cancel 1x right). That will “Guru” the radicals and finally unlock kanji. Once you unlock kanji, you’ll unlock more radicals, kanji and vocabulary… and this snowball effect starts happening and getting into a decent pace :slight_smile: Wait 1 or 2 days more for it to happen :v: Wanikani is worth it.


I might be going a bit crazy here… But mouth and construction kanjis have the sane onyomi pronunciation…




Why? Why not? :upside_down_face:

Japanese is not very rich phonetically. There are literally hundred+ kanji with the same onyomi こう, しょう, etc.


But then if im speaking this how do you know which im talking about? Just implied?

Also does anyone know how i can play the audio pronunciation of words? Dont see any option to hear it.

Im loving being given a kanji like… 十 and being asked to write the hiragana じゅう. Its something other teaching methods werent doing and this makes so much more sense. If a little harder :slight_smile: